Angie Paola

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〰️26. Colombian / Latina 🇨🇴
▫️Learn & Grow with me!
▫️All things self care 💆🏽‍♀️
〰️@imangiepaola = 📷
🔺Beauty + Lifestyle
Location Fort Worth, TX
Country United States
Member Since OCTOBER 11, 2018
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I keep the love in my phone and read it when I need motivation. My first debut single “Cloud 9” got great streaming plays and amazing feedback. You guys 😭 Even though I am now on my second single & even though “Lucky” is now out, Cloud 9 will always be the song that put the fire in me. #GOATED

well, i don’t know. my life kind of took off and i’m finding what it means to be human. 9/10 you’re the problem in the world you created for yourself. look yourself in the mirror and execute. 🍥 I’m dropping a single called “Lucky” on 11/17! Itll be out on all platforms. I have about two more singles to give before dropping my album (which i’m currently working on rn)

Putting you on PT 2: adding to the other goodies + post — this mask makes the texture on my skin way smoother. it’s by @cocunat and it’s the #wondermask 🥸 something about self care just soothes my soul. something about living in the skin you’re in……. Link is in the bio if you wanna feel the same 🤩

barefaced me is working on her skin texture baby. . . sooooo, i never really take photos of bare faced me — but, #wondermask & #thecure from @cocunat has been working wonders 😩😩 They’re having a #singlesday promotion — You should click the link in my bio🤩😋

Listening to music benefits + effects on the brain, babyyyyy. • Reduces anxiety • Reduces blood pressure • Improves sleep quality by inducing a deeper sleep • Improves memory "One of the first things that happens when music enters our brain is the triggering of pleasure centers that release dopamine, a neurotransmitter that makes you feel happy. This response is so quick, the brain can even anticipate the most pleasurable peaks in familiar music and prime itself with an early dopamine rush." . . Btw, these headphones are 10/10 in quality! Link: . . . #musichealth #healing #funfact #musiceffects #musicdfw @panasonic @technics_global

Yesterday was #NationalQuesoDay and you bet I went and got me some @freebirdsworldburrito 😩 to celebrate! Their Queso is everythaaaang and I went and tried the limited Prime Rib on my nachos. 10/10. But, 😂😂😂 Leave it up to me to be extra and plate my #freebirdsworldburrito 😜 . . . #quesoday #nationalquesoday #september20 #freebirds #betterthanchipotle

I think ever since I started skincare years ago, the best products for me always had Vitamin C in it. For some reason, my skin changed so much this year and I’ve honestly been looking for a good moisturizer that actually hydrates the face. SO IM GOING TO PUT YOU ON, BESTIES. This glow moisturizer is THE BOMB. It’s from @thebodyshopnorthamerica - My face looks so plump and soft and uuuugh. 🥲 Also, the smell?!?!? Makes me want to stick my face in it 😂 - Benefits of Vitamin C: ☀️Smoothes skin texture ☀️Helps even out skin tone ☀️Stimulates Collagen ☀️Defends against environmental stressors ☀️Boosts antioxidants of sunscreen ☀️Reduces inflammation caused by acne + more! I also had to give you a code because you know I love me a deal! lol! Get 20%off any product with code: 008689 . . #thebodyshopvitaminc #thebodyshoppartner #bblogger #skincare #vitaminc #promocode

🦁 Start over, my darling. Be brave enough to find the life you want and courageous enough to chase it. Then start over and love yourself the way you were always meant to. Talk about living in my creative truth. I would’ve never in a million years have went this bold — But, I, MYSELF, am bold. Baby, I’m thriving. I’m just being. @traceyhairstyles - my beautiful hairstylist did the damn thing 😜🤓 #boldhairstyles #dfwhair #branding #hair #artiststyle #artisthair#celebrityhairstylist #boldhair #orange #orangehair #differenthair #hairideas #bebold #beyou #professionalhaircolor

It’s wild. How did I get to where I am today? These three right here. — I highly recommend getting a team of people that genuinely let you be yourself no matter how wild or crazy. Those that are willing to call you out just to be better, those that unconditionally love you, those that teach you how to love. When you see me, you see them. #supportsystem #dfwblogger #oldiebutgoodie #strongteam

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