Angie Paola

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〰️26. Colombian / Latina 🇨🇴
▫️Learn & Grow with me!
▫️All things self care 💆🏽‍♀️
〰️@imangiepaola = 📷
🔺Beauty + Lifestyle
Location Fort Worth, TX
Country United States
Member Since OCTOBER 11, 2018
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m i n d f u l l n e s s - a mental state achieved by focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one’s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique. 🫶🏽 here’s my ten step checklist. 1. Breathe 2. Scan 3. Ground 4. Gratitude 5. Acceptance 6. Intention 7. Savor 8. Move 9. Unplug 10. Reflect #mindfulness #checklist

🫶🏽 Not me sharing my actual small habits with you guys. This lil template broke my OWN bad habits and led to bigger ones + I just want to start giving back because I’ve learned so much. Take the journey with me today and download by clicking the link in bio 🥂🥂 #selfcare #selflovejourney #badhabits #freedownload #linkinbio

‘23 was sumthin else, that’s for sure. but, i’m comin for EVERYTHING this year 👑

Little me deserves everything in this world. HERES A LIST OF BOOKS THAT HELPED MOLD ME (It’s a good one!) - Master Your Emotions x Thibaut Meurisse - How to Be Adult in Relationships x David Richo - Love me, Don’t Leave Me x Wendy T. Behary - Ikigai x Héctor García - The Mountain is You x Brianna West Honestly, these all have helped rewire my brain as an adult. My gift to you. I’ve read all of these within the last 2 years ☀️ #bookreading #booklist #dfwinfluencer #throwback #littleme #selflove #mustread #bookstagram

Fun Fact: Love triggers the same brain regions as delicious food! 🧠❤️ #cartagena #homesweethome #foodfacts #foodie

📞 Hardly seen, but always noticed. *** Face base: I used @bobbibrown Vitamin Enriched Skin Tint and Vitamin Enriched Pressed Powder. 🏃🏽‍♀️ Don’t say I didn’t tell you so. That pressed powder with the skin tint combo is UNMATCHED. #GiftedByBobbiBrown #GRWM #Beautytips #beautysecrets #holygrail

Things just got cheesier! 🧀😍😍😍 @takisusa made things sooooo much better! Sorry originals, but my heart has a new love!! Texture: 10/10 Flavor: 100/10 #complimentary #TakisIntensity @Influenster @takisusa

we don’t gatekeep here 🫣✨ what’s your favorite fragrance? it just makes me feel like a baddie when i smell good 🥲 Angel Elixir - @muglerofficial #giftedbymugler #angelelixir #muglerangel

back by popular demand 🤓 y’all, my shirt says be the change and i’m over here being lazy 🫣 but i came on here to show y’all my natural looking lashes from @kissproducts ✨ #kissaffiliate #kissmuses

whether it’s a plate at grandmas, or just Colombian food…. home always treats me nice 🥹 #foodie #dfwblogger

✨ What’s one thing that has changed for you while getting older? Do you look at certain things differently? I’ve never had an eye for decor. Growing up, that just wasn’t the thing to be worried about. Def taking a toll on me now that I’m at the end of my 20’s. (Shoutout to @thehavenly for coming to my rescue) I took a chance and showed you the weird, random, and uncoordinated “decor” I do have. My designer made me so excited when she sent me the new layout — I have a call with her on Friday! I just really want my room to represent me and who I am now. Btw, she’s NOT a fan of the teal wall and wanted me to change it ASAP (LOL) && I couldn’t agree more! Loved it so much, I found a way to be a Heavenly ambassador. Take my code, save, save. save! 25% off on full or in-person design packages using ANGIEP25. #HavenlyHomeClub

on todays episode 😂😂✨

orange you glad you tried somethin’ new? 🍊 throwback to when @traceyhairstyles had fun with me 🫢 #dfwhairstylists #dfwcontentcreator #orangehair #somethingnew

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