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Chicago-based cocktail creator and stylist with an emphasis on natural, fresh and imaginative recipes

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Today we made the incredibly hard decision to say goodbye to our dog, Cal. His health deteriorated in less than a week which is both a blessing and a curse. We did what we could but could not get to the root cause or get him stable. His 13 years of life was full of exploration, light chasing, people love, plate licking and goofiness and so little of it was spent suffering. We take some peace in that. I know he touched many lives. It would mean the world to us it you could send me a memory you have of Cal so we can compile for us and for Sylvan when he's older. We're so thankful to all of you who made his life so colorful and full of love. You will always be with us when we watch the dancing shadows and the waves crashing on the shore, dear friend.

It was really energizing to start the new year by going back to something I love but haven't had much time for since becoming a parent - hosting and making cocktails for friends. We may or may not have done the countdown before midnight, but it was perfect. This cocktail was one of the two drinks I prepped for the night and a very 🇺🇦 one with @statelinedistillery vodka, cranberry, honey dill syrup, lemon and aquafaba. It made a great N/A option without the vodka as well! Wishing you peace, happiness and health in the new year, friends ❤️

You may have seen over on Stories that Will and I have created a magical 5 acre Michigan getaway for our own family and to share with others via AirBnB. We've called it our Woodland Rambler due to the midcentury architecture and surrounding forest (the home is on a 5 acre forested lot). Our first season went great, and it was wonderful to hear the special memories families and friends made together. Whether you like exploring the food scene, vineyards, hiking or beaches, the Rambler is close to it all. We've opened up dates for the next season. You can find the link in my Stories highlight or DM me for it.

#AD It's the first Father's Day for @harlequin137 (!!) and he requested a cocktail with Chartreuse. I did some digging and found a classic recipe known as the Tipperary, similar to the Bijou. This drink has been around since 1916, but I loved that @thedeadrabbitpub adjusted the recipe to a more balanced amount of Irish whiskey. I used @keepersheartwhiskey - a delicious blend of Irish and American whiskeys that worked perfectly in this cocktail. Give this one a try if the father in your family enjoys boozy whiskey classics - we both loved it! Tipperary - 1.5 ounces Irish whiskey - 1 ounce sweet vermouth - 0.5 ounce green Chartreuse - 2 dashes Angostura bitters - Orange peel Stir first four ingredients with ice to chill and strain into a chilled stemmed glass. Express orange oil over the top and garnish with orange twist.

#AD I'm celebrating #WorldGinDay with an East meets West cocktail bursting with early summer flavor. The Eastern Market combines Japanese gin, strawberry, rhubarb, shiso leaf, farm eggs and lemon for a drink that's delightfully jammy and tart with herbaceous, citrus and spice brightness. @135eastgin served as the perfect inspiration with a mix of traditional and Japanese botanicals. Get all the details at the link in profile!

Sometimes the cocktails you make with just what you have in your bar and fridge without any prep are the most satisfying. Recommend giving this one a try: - 1.5 oz @heavensdoorwhiskey bourbon - 0.5 oz @apologueliqueurs persimmon liqueur - 0.75 oz tart cherry concentrate - 2 oz oat milk Shaken and poured over @tuxedo_ice cube

Midwest weather keeps playing with our feelings, but it's officially spring so here's a delightfully fitting cocktail. The pear brandy and rose water add a brightness that pairs beautifully with the woody notes of the Reposado tequila. Thanks for sharing the delicious bottle of your Reposado Cristalino with me for #NationalCocktailDay @casadonramon ! Fool's Spring - 1.5 oz Casa Don Ramon Reposado Cristalino tequila - 0.5 oz pear brandy - 0.25 oz lime juice - 0.25 oz honey simple - 1 bar spoon rose water Shake all ingredients with ice to chill, then double strain into a Nick and Nora glass. Garnish with a lime twist.

#AD Two exciting Friday updates: 1) I once again fit into this gorgeous cocktail dress after having a baby. 2) There is a fantastic new cocktail up on the blog as a collaboration with @mozartchocolateusa . This is the perfect drink to mix up as a celebration of love for your significant other or friends. The combination of strawberry infused scotch, Austrian chocolate cream liqueur, cherry bark vanilla bitters and milk oolong tea is truly a special treat. Check out the recipe at the link in profile and let me know if you try it!

#AD Happiest Hour with Buchi I'm partnering with women-owned kombucha brand @drinkbuchi to share a glimpse into my happiest hour. When the setting is just right and I have a spark of inspiration, my happiest hour is creating a memorable and delicious cocktail to share with others. For this drink I started with Buchi's Pineapple Coconut Turmeric flavor and played up this tropical flavors with an aged rum and banana liqueur. The natural tartness of the kombucha created enough balance without needing citrus. It's the perfect cocktail to enjoy on a relaxing Saturday afternoon! Liquid Gold - 1 oz aged rum - 0.5 oz banana liqueur - 4 oz Buchi pineapple coconut turmeric kombucha - Pineapple frond, for garnish Shake rum and banana liqueur with ice to chill and strain into stemless glass over ice. Top with kombucha and garnish with frond. #buchihappyhour #drinkbuchi Music: Pixel Swing Musician: Moscillate URL:

If you're looking for a festive drink to share with loved ones next week (or to help cope with hosting), I have two great options for you. Both feature apple but in a low vs high ABV interpretation. For the low ABV take I'm excited to introduce you to @dunordspirits Pronounced Apple Liqueur - a delicious liqueur that captures the essence of a good fresh apple cider with the perfect level of spice. If you haven't heard of Du Nord, I recommend checking them out - not only are they Black-owned, but they give back to the Twin Cities community by taking on racial inequities and economic justice. I paired the liqueur with white port and chamomile LOVED how the combination enhanced the individual ingredients. The resulting cocktail is great enjoyed any time of day due to the lower alcohol content and can easily be batched. An Apple a Day - 1 oz @dunord apple liqueur - 1.5 oz white port - 2.5 oz cold brewed chamomile tea - 0.25 oz lemon - Topo Chico, to top - Pomegranate seeds for garnish Place a few pomegranate seeds in a flute glass. Shake liquid ingredients other than Topo Chico with ice to chill, then strain into flute. Top with Topo Chico (~ 1 oz).

I'm back with something spooky for you, my friends! The folks at @ipgagency shared some @lot40 rye whisky and this epic drinkware with me just in time for Halloween. I crafted up a loose interpretation of a New York sour but used tart cherry for a thick drizzle topper that nicely kept its shape and lent delicious rich flavor to the drink. Your Last Sour - 2 oz rye whisky - 0.75 oz lemon - 0.75 oz turbinado sage syrup* - 1 egg white - 0.5 oz tart cherry concentrate - bar spoon amarena cherry syrup (garnish) * To make syrup, add 1/4 cup turbinado sugar to a jar, top with 1 cup boiling water and stir to dissolve. Add a bunch of sage, cover and steep for 15 minutes. Stain and allow to cool before using. To make cocktail, dry shake first 4 ingredients, then add ice and shake to chill. Stain into a rocks glass over a large ice cube. Drizzle tart cherry concentrate over the top. Use bar spoon to carefully apply cherry syrup to glass rim so it runs down the inside in some spots. Enjoy like it's your last đź’€

A huge thanks to those of you who supported me in the @madmarchharepoitin #MadMarchness competition. As the winner I received 50 of these stunning rainbow chrome bell jiggers from @bullinchinapdx engraved with the Valcohol logo. I was so excited for the jiggers that I had to treat myself to some more bar tool additions. Shown here is Bull in China's hand blown artisan mixing glass surrounded by their antique Hawthorne strainer, mixing spoon, cocktail picks and mesh strainer, all in the same stunning rainbow chrome finish. Are you as in ❤️ as I am!?

#AD With your support I made it to the next stage in the @MadMarchHarePoitin #MadMarchness competition (which means more tasty cocktails with an Irish twist for you)! The next challenge was to dream up a spin on the classic daiquiri. Having just returned from Kauai, I knew I wanted to feature some tropical island flavors that would complement the poitĂ­n well. I chose to work with ripe papaya for festive Irish color and enhanced the papaya's natural sweetness with honey brought back from the trip. Blended up with fresh lime and ice, this drink hits with a tang then mellows in your mouth with the smooth flavors of papaya and poitĂ­n. The lime garnish completes the nod to the Irish flag. Please like and comment below to help me make it to the finals! Snag 17% off on your own bottle of Mad March Hare PoitĂ­n with code MARCH2SPD (follow the link in their bio for web shop). Irish Isle Daiquiri - 1.5 oz Mad March Hare PoitĂ­n - 1 cup (heaping) chopped ripe papaya - 0.75 oz lime juice - 0.25 oz honey - 0.5 cup ice - Lime wedge, for garnish Blend all ingredients other than ice and garnish until incorporated, then add ice. Blend on low or pulse until a uniform consistency is achieved, then strain into a coupe glass. Garnish with lime wedge (if you'd like to try your hand at a decorative lime wedge, just use a zester to peel a design into the lime skin skin before cutting into wedges). #CocktailFaceOff #RelentlesslyPursuedRarelyCaptured #MadMarchHareIrishPoitĂ­n #itspronouncedpotcheen #bartenderconnect #PoitĂ­n #CocktailCompetition #CocktailRecipes #MadMarchHare

As I've shared with you all, I'm originally from Ukraine. The past few weeks have been incredibly difficult for our loved ones there, both those who have been able to evacuate under harsh and dangerous conditions and those who cannot leave Kyiv. While Ukrainians are putting up an incredible fight for freedom, this is a humanitarian disaster and people need our help. One of the best options I've found to do so is through the Global Empowerment Mission - a non-profit supporting refugee evacuation and housing while also providing aid and supplies into Ukraine where many places are now cut off from food, gas, water and electricity. I appreciate your support. Glory to Ukraine! (Photo from my last visit to Kyiv in 2017)

#AD Friends, I need your support! I'm partnering with @MadMarchHarePoitin on a #MadMarchness competition, bringing you Irish spins on some classic cocktails just in time for St. Patrick's Day. To keep going in the bracket, I need your support on this post through likes, saves or comments. If you love the drink you can even share this post to help it go farther! Poitín is Ireland’s original spirit, dating back to at least the 6th century, when records show it was being distilled by monks on the island. Long before Irish whiskey as we know it today came into existence, poitín was being made in nearly every town and village across the country. Flavorwise, it's a great substitute for most unaged spirits. For the first challenge, I created my interpretation of a Mule, featuring Mad March Hare Poitín for the spirit, subbing ginger beer for ginger liqueur and using an Irish stout for the bubbles. The cocktail is rounded off with a bit of lime and delightfully spicy Mule Bitters by Mad March Hare. The result is rich-bodied and satisfying with a kick of warm spice. Mad March Mule - 1.5 oz Mad March Hare Poitín - 0.75 oz ginger liqueur - 0.25 oz fresh lime juice - 3 dashes Mad March Hare Mule Bitters - Irish stout, to top - Candied ginger, for garnish Shake all ingredients other than stout with ice to chill. Strain into a rocks glass over fresh ice. Top with Irish stout to taste. Garnish with a piece of candied ginger and enjoy in your most festive Irish apparel. #CocktailFaceOff #RelentlesslyPursuedRarelyCaptured #MadMarchHareIrishPoitín #itspronouncedpotcheen #bartenderconnect #Poitín #CocktailCompetition #CocktailRecipes #MadMarchHare

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