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Founded in 2016, travelJewels is a travel and lifestyle blog dedicated to helping people live full and intentional lives through travel. The blog features detailed international and USA-based travel guides and tips focused on first-hand experiences. travelJewels encourages people to step out of their comfort zone, seek authentic experiences and try new things. Join Jewels as she explores the world with intention!

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4 Must-Try Hikes in Georgia 👇🏾 📍Cloudland Canyon State Park 🚙 Close to 3 hour drive from ATL 📍 Stone Mountain Park ( I feel like this is the right of passage hike for anyone living in ATL 😂) 🚙 27 min drive from ATL 📍Providence Canyon State Park 🚙 2 hour drive from ATL 📍Tallulah Gorge State Park 🚙 1.5 hour drive from ATL Excited to explore more of GA outdoors this year! Any of these on your list ? . . . . #georgiahikers #georgiaoutdoors #hikingtime

5 Things to do at Home Before You Leave for Vacation 🧽 Tidy up the house- I always make time to straighten up my home before I leave for vacation. I like to come back to clean home. ✉️ Put mail on hold- If I’m going to be gone for a while, I put a hold on my mail and deliveries or I just ask my neighbor to grab my packages for me. 🌡️ Program thermostat- I set my @googlenest thermostat to vacation mode to save energy 🔓I arm my house while I’m away and I often check my security cameras. 🔌 Unplug electronics- I make sure to unplug electronics that don’t need power while I’m gone. It’s saves on energy costs and lower risks of an electronically fire. What else to you do at home before going on vacation ? . . . #homesafety #travelenthusiast #travelexpert

This year I plan on taking more local road trips which means I need to keep my car in tip-top shape. I recently got an oil change using @havolineusa Havoline® PRO-RS RS TM Renewable Full Synthetic Motor Oil, a top-tier motor oil, made with 25% sustainably and responsibly sourced plant-based oils,  that are better for your car and the environment ( it has 37% lower carbon intensity than other comparable motor oils).   Are you due for an oil change? Even if you don’t change your motor oil yourself, you can still purchase it yourself and take it to wherever you get your oil changed and have them use it, which could potentially save you money. Check out for more information. . . . #oilchangetime #oilchange #carcareproduct

Recently I was having a tough day and one of my best friends shared with me @spiritscienceofficial Breath of life guided meditation and it helped me feel more at ease. I’m sharing it here because I know it will help someone else too. ❤️ With the breath of life, you affirm the following statements into your heart using your breath: ❤️ I love myself ❤️ I trust myself ❤️ I honor myself ❤️ I value myself The general instructions for this breathing technique is: ✨ Seven second inhale ✨ Three second breath hold ✨ Breathe out into your heart One by one, say the affirmation three times and observe where you feel it in your body. Practice the breathing technique 4 times. Say the statement again and see where you feel it. If the feeling moved to your heart you can go on to the next affirmation and if it didn’t move you can repeat the breaths again until it does. I hope this brings someone peace. Let me know if you give it a try. ✨ 📸: @invision.ic . . . . #guidedmeditations #breathoflife #holistichealthandwellness

Some of my favorite iconic sights to see in the USA: 📍 Seven Magic Mountains Las Vegas, Nevada 📍 Antelope Canyon Page, Arizona 📍Horseshoe Bend Page, Arizona 📍Niagara Falls Niagara Falls, New York Which one is your favorite? . . . . #usatravels #usatrip #sightstosee

Here are four national parks to visit in 2023: 📍 Yellowstone National Park The bulk of Yellowstone is in Wyoming, but it also spans Idaho and Montana. 🗓️ Best time to visit: Late April/May, September, and October for thinner crowds and a greater chance of seeing wildlife. ✨Pro-tip: If you plan on hiking or camping bring bear spray. But you will be fine without it if you’re sticking to the popular crowded geyser areas. 📍 @deathvalleynps Death Valley spans both California and Nevada. 🗓️ Best time to visit: March to May for blooming wildflowers. Winter months for smaller crowds. ✨Pro-tip: Avoid visiting in the summer as it gets extremely hot (sometimes exceeding 115 F) and it’s the most crowded 📍 @evergladesnps Everglades is located in South Florida. 🗓️ Best time to visit: November through April for dry season where the temperatures are lower, there are less mosquitoes, and there is an abundance of wildlife. ✨ Pro-tip: Book an air boat ride for a thrilling way to experience the park and learn about its history. 📍 Joshua Tree Located in Southern California 🗓️ Best time to visit: March to May and October/ November for comfortable weather ✨ Pro-tip: If you visit the Cholla Cactus Garden, be careful around the cacti, they’re known as jumping cholla because if you get to close it jumps and attaches onto you. My friend was a victim of this and I was terrified when I saw his hand bleeding 😅😅. They did have a first aid kit at the entrance with tweezers. We didn’t use those, but may be a good idea to bring your own. I want to check out at least four more national parks this year! Park fees are $35 per vehicle. But if you plan on visiting multiple national parks this year buy the U.S Park Pass for $80. Which national park are you planning on visiting this year? . . . . #nationalparksusa #nationalparkstraveler #nationalparkservice

It’s crazy how one experience can totally shift how you move in the world. 13 years ago I was gearing up to study abroad in South Africa (my first time leaving the country). During our second day in the program we hiked the Drakensburg Mountains. Prior to that experience I’ve never hiked or spent much time outdoors. I’m from Harlem and up until that moment identified strongly as a city girl. But those mountains lit something up inside of me. And while I didn’t hike all the way to the top (the air got really thin and I didn’t have my albuterol inhaler on me 😅), I will never forget the sense of peace I felt while there. Since then I try to incorporate a hike/ outdoor activities into all of my travels. What has been your favorite hike? . . . . #hikingtime #outdoorstravel #hikehawaii

2 Luxury Places for Adventure and Wellness Lovers to Visit in 2023 👇🏾 📍 @mashpilodge Mashpi is a luxury expedition lodge located in the Chocó Forest just outside of Quito. Everyday was an adventure here. We went on rainforest hikes, bird watching, peddled our way through the clouds on the Sky Bike, practiced yoga, had massages, woke up to stunning forest views, and ate delicious gourmet food. I left Mashpi feeling completely rejuvenated ☺️. 📍 @lacoralinaislandhouse La Coralina Island House is a Bali-inspired luxury boutique hotel located in Bocas del Toro. Last year, I brought in my birthday here! It was the perfect place to relax and reflect. They have two stunning infinity pools, a holistic wellness spa, and various wellness classes. We had a private sound bath led by @villamorcg that was phenomenal! Would you visit these places ? . . . #southamericatravel #bocasdeltoropanama #ecuadortravel #luxurytraveldaily

5 Top Sights in Death Valley National Park ◻️ Harmony Borax Works- showcases Death Valley’s mining history ◻️ Badwater Basin- the lowest point in North America ◻️ Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes- sand dunes reaching 100ft high ◻️ Zabriskie Point- beautiful golden badlands. The most photographed spot in Death Valley. ◻️ Artists Palette- multi-colored mountainside. Artists drive ( the road there) is also stunning 😍 Visiting Death Valley in December was the perfect time to go. In the summer time it’s one of the hottest places on earth. It gets so hot that hiking isn’t advised after 10 am because of the lethally high temps. 🥵 What’s your favorite spot in Death Valley? . . . . #deathvalleynationalpark #deathvalleynps #deathvalleynp #visitcali #outdoorsgirl

#NerdWalletPartner | Compare & find top travel credit card sign-up offers on @NerdWallet, and get ready to explore #NerdWallet: The smartest decision for all your financial decisions. #Travel #TravelTips #PersonalFinance #YouHeardTheNerd

2023 with ease. ✨ . . . . #moodforever #moodforlife #nye2023 #nyeparty

Welcoming 2023 with Unstoppable energy! wishing you all a prosperous New Year 🫶🏾✨ . . . . #unstoppable #positiveaffirmationsdaily #deathvalleynationalpark #badwaterbasin

Bless up. Nothing like DJ Khaled narrating your 2022 recap. 💁🏾‍♀️✨ What are some of your top 2022 moments? . . . . #2022recap #explorereel #heartfull

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