Tranika Raines

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👋🏾I’m Tra’! Your smiling ATL mom friend cheering “You got this mama!”👏🏾Sharing helpful tips for moms with littles ones🤗 📧

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Have an attitude of gratitude! What are you thankful for today? Comment below no matter how big or small we all have something to be thankful for! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #thankfull #thankfulness #blessedmother #blessedmomma #blessedmom #blessedmoments #thankfulheart #momsoffaith #womenoffaith #godisgood #sahm #sahmom #blacksahm #sahmomlife

What is your favorite dessert? Y’all desserts have me in a chokehold — how am I supposed to unbig my back when they keep calling lol Then I messed around and learned to bake so I want to bake cookies and cakes just because it’s sunny out. Is it just me? You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #funnymom #reelmotherhood #reelmom #momsoftoddlers #momhumor #reelfunny #momreels #honestmom #momsover30 #momlifekeepingitreal #funnymom #reelsmom #kidsbelike #momlifebelike#morherhood #momlife #parentinghumor #blackmoms #blackmomskillingit #sahmom

Day 5 of 30 Breaking free from people pleasing! I read this post on @youthemother and it really really hit home. I find myself frequently not asking for help because I don’t want to burden anyone. I never want to inconvenience anyone. I just want everyone happy and to feel loved and seen. If that’s you too, please know that you’re not alone. You are loved and you are not a burden. You don’t have to just survive anymore live a life to thrive! Comment a 🫶🏾 below if you’re going to work on asking for help! Follow @_theheartoftra for more! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #healingtrauma #momlife #blackmoms #blackmomsblog #generationalhealing #cyclebreaker

Day 4: Cultivating Gratitude and Joy Some practices that cultivate gratitude and joy • keep a gratitude journal • engage in random acts of kindness. Let's embrace this day with open hearts and a deep appreciation for the beauty that surrounds us. Let’s discover how gratitude and joy can become guiding forces in our lives, allowing us to appreciate the blessings we often overlook and find happiness in the simplest of pleasures. We can learn to shift our mindset to see the beauty in even the smallest moments and find joy in the present. Follow @_theheartoftra to be uplifted and empowered on this 30 day millennial mom empowerment! Share something you are grateful for in the comments! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️

Day 3 get rid of mom guilt?! I am learning to embrace this journey of motherhood. I thought I was not a good mom because my kids haven’t been anywhere that requires a passport. But here we are in a small town at a local beach and laughing and enjoying each other. So I’m here to remind you, you’re already an amazing parent! 💕✨ Exotic vacations may not be in your current season, but your kids cherish every moment spent with you. 💕 Don’t let mom guilt weigh you down! Whether it’s a backyard adventure or a local outing, your love and presence are what truly matter to your little ones. Enjoy these precious moments together, creating lifelong memories and nurturing the bond that will last a lifetime. You’re doing an incredible job! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #cherisheverymoment #cherishtheday #cherishthemoments #momthoughts #momreel #blackmoms

Day 2 is cultivating a positive mindset 📌Save this for the days when negativity tries to creep in your mind… Instead of ❌”I can’t…” ✅”How do I learn?” ❌”I’m not good at it.” ✅”I can get better!” ❌”I’m worried I’ll fail.” ✅”I’m curious about what will happen.” ❌”I made a mistake!” ✅”I can learn from this.” ❌”I give up!” ✅”I’ll use a different strategy.” You have to train your mind to be stronger than your emotions. No stinking thinking. It’s hard and feels like a workout but keep working at it and it’ll get better

Just breathe. Just breathe. Just breathe. Hi, my friend! I know the days seem never ending, if it’s not one thing it's another. Just breathe. Some of us have more bills than money. Some of us have babies that aren’t sleeping through the night. Some of us have a marriage that is struggling. Some of us feel alone in our motherhood journey. Some of us don’t know which way to go. Some of us are filled with doubt and anxiety. Some of us are confused about our purpose. Some of us are struggling with friendships. But I’m here to say “just breathe” I am not going to sit here and preach rainbows and fairy dust. I know some days you have to do all you can to dig through and smile and find joy. Just breathe. I see you and feel your pain and will always cheer you on. Save when you need the reminder that you’re not alone! Just breathe!😮‍💨 You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #motherhoodatitsfinest #affirmationsformothers #motherhoodunited #motherhoodunfiltered #momsunite #atlmoms #blacksahm #sahmom #parenthoodmoments

Hi, my friend!👋🏾 Happy June💙 I thought it would be a great idea over the next 30 days to dive into essential topics that will uplift, inspire, and guide you in filling your motherhood cup while breaking generational curses. This series is all about embracing self-care, personal growth, and finding joy amidst the beautiful chaos of motherhood. 🙌🏾Let's create a community where we lift each other up, encourage self-love, and support one another to thrive. 😊Each day, I'll be sharing valuable insights, practical tips, and actionable steps. Be ready to unlock your true potential, nurture your soul, and create a legacy of love for your family. 💖 Tag a fellow mom who deserves to be uplifted and empowered, and let's get on this incredible journey of growth and joy! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #motherhoodlens #realmotherhood #momsunite #momsupportingmoms #momsupport #momsunite #momjourney #blackmom #blackmomsdaily #blackmomsrock #sahmom #blacksahm #yougotthismama #momcontent #momlifeishard #breakinggenerationalcycles #breakinggenerationalcurses #healingtrauma #motherhoodunfiltered #atlmom #atlmoms #blackmomsblog #realmom #realmomlife #realmoms

Do you ever feel like you can’t catch up and feel all over the place? 🤦🏾‍♀️🙋🏾‍♀️ Well, you’re not alone in your ADHD journey my friend! Here are 5 tips that have helped me. Save this post as a reminder and share it with a friend. You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #momsunite #momswithadhd #adhdproblems #sahmom #blackmoms #blacksahm #motherhoodunited #motherhoodishard #motherhoodintheraw #yougotthismama #momfriend #blackmomsblog #ugccreator #inflow #momtips #atlmom #blackmomsblog #adhdwomen ##blackmomskillingit #womenhelpingwomen #blackandbeautiful #blackmomsneedlove #blackwomanowned #empoweredwomen #blackmomsofig

Hi, my friend! 👋🏾 This journey of healing and motherhood shouldn’t be done alone. If you’re seeking a community where you can connect with like-minded individuals who understand the challenges and joys of motherhood, I invite you to join me and my friends on this Instagram. Let’s support one another, share our stories, and remind each other that we are not alone on this journey. ✨Follow @_theheartoftra for more ✨ Share one fun fact about yourself below!👇🏾 You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #motherhoodquotes #motherhoodintheraw #momfriends #sahmom #blacksahm #mumofthree #momof3kids #ugccreator #ugcjourney #happymother #happychildhood #healingjourneys

Can I tell you what hurt my feelings? I’ve always wanted to be a daddy’s girl! Like I would pretend and tell stories at school about my dad, and make up stories why he couldn’t be at the school or at father/daughter dances. It sucks as a 2nd grader having to lie about why the person who is supposed to be there isn’t, but anyway what hurts is now you want in my life and it’s not fair bc so many moments you’ve missed. So many scary times you were not available and nowwwww you want to be this grand dad. Y’all I struggled for years thinking I was just too hard to love. I thought I had to perform to be loved. So I’d strive and strive to be better so maybe, just maybe my dad would say wow let me love this daughter of mine correctly. So yesterday for my birthday he took pictures that I didn’t send and posted them on his Facebook 🤔 sir I didn’t send you these. I don’t know why it’s triggering and the Lord is definitely still working on my heart because forgiveness is something we all deserve but if you know me, you know how protective I am over my babies and I won’t give anyone the opportunity to hurt their feelings or let them down. So share in the comments how are you handling forgiveness when you don’t want to forgive and forget. You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #forgiveothers #forgivenessquotes #forgiveandforget #forgiveandmoveon #healingjourneys #breakingchains #generationaltrauma #generationalhealing #absentfathers #yougotthismama #blackmomsblog #daddysgirls #motherhoodunplugged #fatherdaughtergoals #blackdads #blackdadsrock

It’s my birthday 🎉 I absolutely love birthdays! The newness, the growth, the love, and the celebration! My prayer today on my 34th year of life I am filled with gratitude! Father, I come to You today thankful for another day and another year of life. God, I thank You for breathing life into me. Thank you for thinking the World needs a Tra, no matter how some days I feel like I shouldn’t be here. Thank you for caring about me, covering me, forgiving me, and protecting me from things meant to hurt me. Thank you for your VICTORY! I’m so thankful for this life that is better than anything I could dream of. My husband who loves me so well, and my 3 babies that just overfill my heart with joy. God today I’m thankful for my beautiful friends that speak life into me I know You hand-picked them for me. God this space on IG I thank you for the beautiful and talented and wonderful women I’ve connected with. This year I pray to walk fearlessly into the Purpose You have on my life and do it afraid, and be led by YOUR will, not mine. This birthday I trust You even more and stop walking in fear that You’ll fail me because others have. You are so perfect in how you love me and I’m so thankful Father. Thanks for wiping every tear, filling me with joy and peace only You can give. Today on my birthday I pray to shine Your light brighter so others can see You in me! I pray to find a way to make someone smile and feel loved With a heart filled with gratitude AMEN Share in the comments your favorite thing to eat on your birthday. 🎂 You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #birthdaymom #mybirthday🎂 #momsover30 #blackmoms #mommyinfluencer #growingandlearning #yougotthismama #blackmomsblog

It’s a wrap!! So thankful for another year of school done! My babies fill my heart with so much joy! They’ve grown and learned sooo much this year! We had AMAZING teachers (I cried too) and made great friends! Excited for summer fun in the sun ☀️ What are you excited about this summer? You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #endofschoolyear #mybabies❤️ #myraindrops #blessingsonblessings #mychildren #momlife #motherhoodunfiltered #momsover30 #momcontent #ugctips #ugc

What are you thankful for today? Happy Thursday beautiful! It’s our first day of summer break and I’m so super thankful for a slow morning! Everyone slept in and ate a later breakfast and spent time together. Yesterday our neighborhood hosted a popsicle party for the end of school and it was sooo much fun! Our neighborhood is filled with beautiful families and it was so great seeing everyone and getting to know even more neighbors. Thankful for the guidance from the Holy Spirit with a lot of things coming up I have no idea which way to go but praying and trusting His truth. Y’all so thankful for praying doctors. Yesterday I told the dentist about Cameron’s new medication and she immediately prayed over my baby.🥹 Like prayed prayed I almost shouted and I just love that the Lord was in the midst. The enemy doesn’t have a chance. Tell me what you’re thankful for! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #thankfulheart #thankfulness #godis #godisreal #momsoffaith #sahmom #atlmoms

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