Tranika Raines

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👋🏾I’m Tra’! Your smiling ATL mom friend cheering “You got this mama!”👏🏾Sharing helpful tips for moms with littles ones🤗 📧

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There is nothing that brings us more out of character than college football 🏈 We spent our Saturday watching our VOLS dominate those commodores 🧡 Love that my babies love watching football just as much as us. And as you can see it gets LIVEEEE here in the Raines house! Did your team win yesterday? You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #footballsaturday #govols #collegefootballsaturday #familytimes #littlevolunteers #govols🍊 #gbo #blackfamilies

If you can’t cook just say that! 🤷🏾‍♀️ Can we please 🛑 STOP🛑 with the narrative that women who ENJOY cooking are “slaving” in the kitchen? Leading up to the holiday I saw so many posts about how women will not “slave” away in the kitchen like their elders. And the only one I agreed with was the one about little boys should also be able to help in the kitchen. Because I do believe boys can and should learn to cook too. But this word “slave” is just wrong 😑 What happened to seeing it as serving… Having a servant's heart? 🤷🏾‍♀️ Don’t get me wrong cooking morning, noon, and night can get old, but when I cook and SERVE my family and friends it fills my cup with gratitude. To see those I love enjoying something created by my hands is just heartwarming. And yesterday as I watched my granny smile ear to ear watching us eat her dressing I realized it’s about serving not “slaving”. I don’t have to cook! I get to cook! Changing that perspective changed everything for me. I didn’t always know how to cook, but I never made other women who did feel like their “too domesticated”! Do what you wish and what works for your family without demeaning others. Does your husband cook? Great! Do you cook biscuits from scratch? Amazing! Will you hire a chef for all your meals? Incredible! Do you loathe cooking? Understandable! I still see you and applaud you because I’m sure you’re still an amazing mom whether you whip home-cooked meals daily or stop at Chick-fil-A 3 times a week! Let’s allow others to be who they are and love them where they are! You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #momtruthbomb #homemaker #momlifeunfiltered #sahmom #blackmoms #mominfluencer #realmotherhood #sahm #momssupportmoms

🫣🫣🫣The struggle is real! Mom life is not for the weak. Things that I could get done twice as fast, are slowed down because I want them to learn to be helpful. Letting go of the need for the control is my struggle! Anyone else or just me? 🫣 You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #momlifehacks #momhumor #mumlifequotes #funnymom #relatablemom #blackmoms #atlmoms #cookingwithkids #momvlogs #mamalifeofig #momlifeunfiltered #momlife #homemaker #sahmom

Join us for high tea this Christmas season 🫖 🎄 🎟️ Tickets are going fast and only 2 weeks left to grab them🎟️ Getting dressed up and sipping tea over beautiful music and tasty food is such a memorable tradition. Ava has loved it since she was almost 2 years old. We hope you’ll join us December 16th, 11am-2pm at the esteemed Sugarloaf Country Club. 💕🫖 Included in your ticket is live music, a delicious brunch, high tea, delightful treats, and a wonderful souvenir. 🎄 Grab your tickets today for you and your little one. You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #christmastea #highteaparty #highteatime #christmastradition #christmastraditions #brunchideas #motherdaughtergoals #motherdaughterlove #mommyandmeoutfit #mommyandme #blackmoms #atlmoms #momlifebestlife #holidayfuntimes #christmasfun #newtraditions #teapartytheme #teapartyideas #atlmom #blackmomsblog

This holiday season gift your kids the gift of financial literacy. We have been using the @gohenry app and debit card for almost a year and it’s been so helpful! It’s an easy and fun way to teach our kids how to spend, save, earn and so much more. My babies have learned about investing, tithing, online scams, and so much more. This app is so worth it. Let’s empower our kids with knowledge we didn’t always have. Use my code and get a $10 reward for your little one and a free month. You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #financialliteracyforkids #financialliteracy101 #blackmoms #moneytalks #mominfluencer #atlmom #moneyforkids #moneygoals #millionairemindset #homeschooling #financialliteracy #moneymindset #debtfreedom #learntoinvest #investingforbeginners #personalfinance #debtfreecommunity #kidsandmoney #kidsmoney

Let me share a secret 🤫 Cooking for my family brings me so much joy, but the “what’s for dinner every single night” became overwhelming. So we started to have family meetings on Sundays, it is very informal but we discuss the week ahead. Our kids are super involved in extracurricular activities and some weeks Dad is in town some weeks he’s out of town. Some weeks we have days out of school, and some weeks we don’t. So coming up with a plan together is super helpful for our family. Once we know what the plan is for the week we pick meals based on that day. Mondays are less busy days so we have a bigger dinner but Wednesdays are jam-packed so we typically have a quick 20-minute meal. The days we know we are going to be busy I either plan to make something that can be a two-day meal the day before or something quick, like chicken fried rice from @traderjoes. Once everything is planned we write down our menu on the Raines Cafe marker board that way we all know the plan and what to expect. Another tip is to check the fridge for ingredients we already have. I do not like wasting food and in this day in age we are all about saving our coins so I check the fridge for what we already have and see what we need and don’t need. This is why I love @instacart because it keeps me on budget and I don’t get distracted and forget ingredients or buy ingredients we don’t need. which one of these will you try? You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #momtip #momtips #momsupportingmoms #momtruth #momtipsandtricks #dinneridea #dinnerideas🍴 #mealplans #sahmomlife #blacksahm #sahmom #momsunite #dinnerforkids #instacartshoppers #mealinspiration

I often think of her and just want to hug her and tell her it gets better. This week of celebrating 11 years of marriage reminded me of how safe I’ve felt since 2009 with my husband. He isn’t perfect but he is safe, he is loving, he is kind, and caring. Love for me hasn’t always been like that. I’ve felt so much rejection. So much conditional love. So much “earning” love. With him, he knows all of me and loves me still and it’s so refreshing. 4 things I had to learn to get here in our relationship… 1️⃣ Listen to understand not respond and defend 2️⃣ forgive without punishing and always bringing things back up 3️⃣ communication is key—practice saying “What I heard was this” and he responds “What I mean is this” 4️⃣Hear healed not from past hurts For number 3️⃣ for example if I ask “Do you want spaghetti for dinner?” And he says “No!” That doesn’t mean he hates my spaghetti. Even though that is what the rejected little girl hears. In all honesty, it could be he’s just not in the mood for spaghetti because I know he loves my cooking and my spaghetti especially. So saying “What I heard is you hate my spaghetti” and he’ll respond “What I mean is I just rather have chicken tetrazzini” So learning, loving, and always praying is key to a successful marriage. I would tell 6-year-old Tra who didn’t see a healthy marriage in her home, it will get better baby girl. To all the beautiful women healing BIG inner child wounds, I see you, I celebrate you, and I applaud you. You got this mama!💕 From the heart of Tra❣️ #marriageworks #blackmarriage #blackcouples #marriedcouples #prayingwife #lovewinsalways #wifelove #millenialmarriage #innerchildhealing

When does your elf return?! This coming week I’m sharing all of our favorite @elfontheshelf ideas to help you prepare. I got your back mama! Head to @walmart and grab the cereal. It’s an easy way to make it as elaborate or simple as you want. Easy : pour the cereal in the bowl and the kids believe the elves brought them special cereal Elaborate: make the cereal magically appear at front door and it’s super cold like it came from North Pole Let me know if you’ll be interested. Drop a heart ❤️ in the comments! I’m so excited to share🤗 You got this mama!💕 -From the heart of Tra❣️ #elfontheshelfideas #elfontheshelf #momlife #atlmoms #blackmoms #blackmomsblog #mominfluencers #mommyblogger #elfonshelf

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