Tranika Raines

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👋🏾I’m Tra’! Your smiling ATL mom friend cheering “You got this mama!”👏🏾Sharing helpful tips for moms with littles ones🤗 📧

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“Can you play with me?!” For the 173884848653739th time hahaha!😂 Is it just my kids? And while I don’t mind playing with them we did have to have the talk that I do have work stuff to do and I’m not available all day to play. It took me awhile to get there y’all because I felt mom guilt if I wasn’t playing with them all day long. As a homemaker I had to realize I have lots of responsibilities and they probably don’t notice it but stuff as to be done, laundry, beds, meals, appointments, and it all takes time and energy. So you can imagine my excitement when we took the Robotic Quarterback out of the closet they were so excited. I was so impressed it throws over 25 yard and is so simple to use. It’s programmable to pick multiple plays. The kids absolutely love it and spent an hour taking turns catching, and I was able to get stuff done around the house. Comment “PASS” and I’ll send you the link over. You got this mama! #amazonfind #momof3kids #activitiesforchildren #kidsactivityideas #summerfun☀️ #amazontoys #sahm #momlife #momfriends

Just a stay at home mom excited about her dress that I have nowhere to wear it! My load of the day is what keeps me sane! #realmomlife #momfunny #sahmom #sahmlife #sahmomlife #funnymomreels #funnymom #relatablemom

It’s still time to unbig your back lol Do you have a hard time finding shorts that don’t rise when you work out? These biker shorts by @from_hereafter are so buttery soft, and dry quickly! The color is so amazing and the fit is flattering! The coolest thing is they kill 99.9% of odor bacteria with their silver tech-engineered garments. I’m obsessed! You need these! 😍 Use code TRA20 and grab yours for 20% off today!! You got this mama!💕 #sponsored #workoutgear #fitmoms #realmomlife #realbodies #momlife #mompreneur #momproblems #momlife #atlmoms

Ways we’re breaking generational curses…. 🫣Allowing our kids to be kids is so hard sometimes. It can even be triggering because I just want them to “get it”. I used to always say “At your age, I knew how to cook, make a bed like a soldier, clean a kitchen, and not make messes”, but then I’m reminded that this is the life I wanted for them. I don’t want mini-adults. I want kids that are kids, kids that play and have big imaginations. So I’m living in an answered prayer. As hard as it is sometimes to see the mess and (we’re working on cleaning up behind ourselves) I know it’s so healing to me as well seeing them ENJOY childhood and not be so anxious about “being seen not heard” and “being so clean” “being a little soldier” and I love that for them. 🥰 To the mamas breaking generational curses I see you beautiful. You’re doing a wonderful job! You got this mama!💕 #breakinggenerationalcurses #momlife #mompenuer #momprobs #realmomlife #realmotherhood

Is that okay with you? No seriously! Breaking up with people-pleasing is hard work! Worrying that you’ll be rejected if you speak up is not a good place to be. It’s lonely, frustrating, and not fair to you. The YOU that’s quirky but loving The YOU that lights up a room The YOU that has such good ideas The YOU that speaks with such wisdom The YOU that can make anyone laugh The YOU that can make anything magical with your hands There are so many talents you hold but you’ve been hiding them to not stand out. You’ve hidden behind making everyone happy but yourself. Today let’s release PEOPLE PLEASING! You deserve to have healthy relationships! You deserve the right to speak up when you’re uncomfortable! You deserve to be heard. I see you my friend and welcome you in this space. Hi, I’m Tra, a stay-at-home mom to 3 little ones navigating, healing as a recovering people pleaser, and unlearning a lot by myself, while also mothering kids who I don’t want to break. I share content about homemaking, motherhood, marriage, and just real mom life. I have a guide for keeping a tidy home that calms down the chaos. I have a monthly call with mom friends on Zoom if you sign up for my email list you’ll get that. If you’re interested make sure to ✨follow✨ @tramichalle! I’m so happy you’re here! You got this mama!💕 #momlife #momfriends #sahm #sahmomlife #peoplepleasing #generationalcursebreaker #realmomlife #momof3 #momof3kids #youtuber

Comment below if this is you or tag your bestie! I’m trying out here! 5–7 business days please I promise I’m trying. You got this mama! #momfriends #friends #bestfriends #besties #bestie #momlife #momcomedy #funnymom #honestmom #motherhood #parents #parenting

Do you think it’s possible to get breakfast, lunch, and dinner for $20 for a family of 5? With the cost of groceries rising and kids home for summer, I’m taking on the $20/day meal challenge. Join me as I share budget-friendly and kid-approved recipes and tips to make it work. Watch the full video on my YouTube channel. Link in bio! You got this mama!💕 #budgetmeals #affordableeats #20dollarmeals #mealplanning #grocerystore #walmartfind #groceryhaul #stayathomemom #mealplanning

Who’s down for a $20 meal challenge for family of 5

Do you ever look at your kids and are like wow I really did this three times haha! 😳🤗 Don’t get it twisted! I absolutely love it here! I never envisioned myself a mom, let alone a stay at home mom. I always wanted to be a mom but I was nervous and didn’t think I’d be good at it, but I’m so thankful I married a man who knew I’d be a great mom. And now with my gift of motherhood I’ve gotten to learn so much about myself and my healing. Mom life is a new lesson every single day. Some days I feel like I have it, then within hours I’m thrown a curveball. One thing that will never stop crossing my mind is it’s wild these kids really have to eat 5 meals a day and I’m the person in charge of that haha I’m sharing a series on my YouTube channel about $20 meal ideas. Comment 🥘 if your kids are eating so much this summer! You got this mama!💕 #mealidea #mealideasforkids #momlife #sahmom #momlife #familyof5

Sugar in spaghetti? I’ve had it both ways and I’m a fan of sugar? If you haven’t tried it no judgement allowed? #dinneridea #momlife #honestmom #mompreneur #sahmomlife #sahm #blackmomsblog #mealprep #mealideas

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