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Location Boston Massachusetts
Member Since DECEMBER 21, 2018
Social Audience 27K Last Month
  • Moz DA 8

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Boston Summer Guide

It’s only the beginning of August and a lot of people consider the summer to be pretty much over (literally, one of my friend’s first reaction every time we plan a new adventure is, “let’s do it tomorrow before the summer is over”), however, there is still a whole month left, maybe even two of good weather to enjoy! With themes including Soul Tuesdays, Rat pack Wednesdays, Blues Thursdays, and Movie Fridays, each night offers a different unforgettable experience to enjoy. Not to mention that the Rowes Wharf Sea Grille is located right at the heart of Boston Harbor and magnificent sailing boats, yachts and even cruise ships will be your backdrop. The Grille patio where the full menu of the Wharf Sea Grille is offered, and the Harborwalk Terrace, where the tables are right by the water but

What to Pack for a Weekend Trip to Newport

The same breeze that you will be grateful for during the hot summer days turns quite cold and chilly during the evening hours. SO make sure to pack some sunscreen for protection so you don’t turn into a lobster for dinner after having fun at the beach all day; polarize sunglasses  to make sure that you see where the ball is flying towards I would keep the size of the make up bag to extra mini as it is nice to not put layers of makeup during the hot summer days but let your pores breath. Enjoy your time away to the fullest by living in the moment and spending more quality time with your loved ones, friends, family rather than getting ready!

Fall Favorites – Aleksa Gavazoff

Just thought that it would be fun to put together a list of products that I’m currently loving! It spices up every casual outfit and makes it more put together and it shortens my get ready time since I don’t even have to do my hair haha They are so comfortable and keep me dry during these Bostonian rainy days that we have been having on repeat haha It is creamy enough that I don’t even need to put moisturizer under it but not too much that I need a setting powder throughout the day 😉


With this Striped Shirt Dress you will look chic for any one of the many fun, summer activities that you have in your bucket list. You can confidently wear it to a brunch in the city with some snickers on, in the weekend and use it as a beach cover up later this same afternoon. The best part is that it is extremely comfortable as well as easy to pair with any accessories! Michael Kors Nora Toe Sandals – (in black here) & (in brown here) Join the mailing list for updates and exclusive stories.

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