Collin Kohberger

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Location Baldwinsville NY
Member Since DECEMBER 06, 2018
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Discworld – a review of the series as a whole

I didn’t expect the humorous wizzarding antics of Rincewind in the first novel at all, but it was a refreshing change of pace and escape from current events, so I settled in for a good long listen thinking it would be some good fun. Across the scope of the world he created, the author explores a wide variety of topics, from philosophy and religion, gender and sexual identity, science and language, the role of police in society, racism, artificial intelligence, war, exploration, the effects of industrialization and the advancement of technology, musical history, theatre, and on and on. He riffs on folktales and modern history alike as a jazz musician plays with melody and rhythm, twisting and distorting what we know to have happened with what could have if parts of our world seeped into the world of The Disc and landed on curious and unprepared minds. n’t know how to end this, so I’ll just say that through these books, Pratchett has been a comfort, a like mind, and a friend in dark times.

Reflections of a Reluctant Role-player – My First D&D Experience

But I don’t want to learn all the intricate details of how to play D&D right now. My character acts nervous and shy because he’s new in town and doesn’t know anybody (also because I’m new to role-playing games and would rather other people take the first few social steps). This almost feels like I’m cheating because I’m not actually role-playing anymore. And if the group as a whole feels like we’re getting to do what we each want to do more often or with more balance across our interests, then I say that’s probably a more sustainable, respectful, and healthy way to have a game group anyway.

100 plays of Carcassonne

Gestating, birthing, feeding, cleaning, teaching, playing with, and raising two little boys has a way of focusing ones attention and consuming all available energy. We used to have long and thoughtful conversations while we played late into the night, sharing space and attention. I feel connected to my wife more when we’re playing a game together, sharing the same headspace, than when we’re just going through the daily routines, weekly obligations, and working full-time jobs. Seeing into my wife’s mind as she plots her next move, trying to unravel her plans to see how she’s going to attack me next, looking for any opportunity I can to tip the scales and put her on her back foot so I can make progress on the score track while she focuses on defense.

New Sorcerer Wild Magic System: Dungeons & Dragons 5E

When a player rolls on the Wild Magic table is completely left up to the DM’s discretion. Whenever the player “succeeds” on the Wild Magic check, the DC resets to 1 and the build up continues again. It adds more specifics as to when the player rolls for a potential Wild Magic surge. It represents the slow build of uncontrollable magical power within the Wild Magic origin, and does a better job of fulfilling the fantasy of a player who chooses to play this in the first place.

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