Deidra Sanders

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Hi! I’m an up and coming blogger/influencer; I’m a single mom of 2 cool kids, a dog and a cat. I want to carve out a path for other moms with older kids and focus on self care, juggling life, and keeping up with preteens/teens.

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Sonic Sh*t — One. Thirty. One.

Those that know me well find me to be a bit of a germaphobe(which could be seen as a good thing in todays climate), and after discovering that silicone is antimicrobial, meaning that it doesn’t hold germs, grow mold, or harbor potentially harmful microbes that could harm your skin or make you sick I HAD to bring it to the masses in an affordable way. These three things are just a sample of why you need a silicone brush in your life: Unlike nylon bristles, silicone bristles are non-porous, meaning they are resistant to bacterial buildup and a whopping 35 times more hygienic than standard nylon brushes. When it comes to cleansing your skin, there’s really no comparison when it comes to which material is the safest and cleanest option. While most traditional nylon facial brush heads need to be replaced every couple of months because of bacteria buildup and general wear and tear, silicone brush heads are not only durable, they never need to be replaced.

Stay Wild — One. Thirty. One.

Live wild and free, wild child, free range parenting, run free, and among other sayings are something that I’ve seen everywhere on the internet before I decided to start this blog. One of the main things that i did notice is that these moms were white…freedom and allocating children to be themselves has been hashtagged, monetized, an turned into a lifestyle by these women yet to be “wild” as a black child can get you killed. Our children aren’t allowed to run freely in the world…to live free in the sun, dirt on their hands and grass on their knees; lets not forget that Tamir Rice was killed playing in the park. this is an example of what we mean; consider your words and consider how something so simple as the phrase “stay wild” can be show glaring contrasts in how our kids can be perceived and how it can be the difference in life or death for our children.

So, we’re doing a thing… — One. Thirty. One.

So much has been going on in our country…from COVID, to race relations, and just all the random shit in whatever level of Jumanji or episode of Black Mirror we’re living through. One of my many passions in life is skincare; not only does it appeal to my nerdy side in knowing what chemicals work on my skin it has been something that somehow magically I’ve become a “go to” person for within my circle and online. Yes skin tools, my mission is to give you all the things you need to use the products you love and get the skin you’ve dreamed of. Skin on AUGUST 1ST, there will be a jade roller and Gua Sha kit, silicone face brushes, silicone face mask applicators, and micro needle rollers.

Coffee & chill — One. Thirty. One.

With al that has been going on in the world these past few months(its just June?! it is so easy to get swept up into the madness and forget about yourself. If you have forgotten the last time you put your feet up, had a cup of coffee in quiet moment, or put on a face Another reminder: you can’t take care of everyone and everything if you’re not caring for yourself.

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