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Member Since SEPTEMBER 05, 2022
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I'm so grateful to carry my heart in my hands every day! It definitely makes this season of life beyond pleasant. 🥰 I love him so much!😍

As I sit back and re-analyze my adult life, I realize the things I once looked at my parents as if they were weird for being excited to have new appliances makes me laugh at myself! ☺️My husband thought “little wash” wouldn't get used. I love my washing machine, but “ little wash” is my favorite. It's great for baby clothes, socks, intimates, hand-washed items, and activewear. #appliancelover #parentingwin #MomWin #LGThinQ #touchscreen #bluetooth

I’m looking for advice from gel nail polish lovers. Which color cap do you all like more? A or B

I absolutely love my Urban calm products! They don’t leave your face feeling greasy and is truly light weight. It’s one of my favorite Korean skin care brands.😍@myurbancalm #myurbancalm #urbancalmpartner #urbancalmxstack #poweredbyferments #microbiome #skinbarrier

How to apply your press on nails from BDivine press and cure nail kits!

Thank you @myfacetory for getting my Friday morning off to a great glowing start! #myfacetory #facetorypartner #facetoryambassador #sheetmasks #facialsheetmask #facemask #koreansheetmasks #selfcare #kbeautyskincare

Refreshed logo! #businesswoman #bdivinellc #cosmetics #luxury #handcraftedbyyourstruly #pressonnails #gelnails #pressandcure #manicurethatsdoneforyou #alwaysbdivine

They will find out!

In a world full of Barbies be a Lottie doll!

Loving this dress from Southern Peach Boutique! It sure does make a woman feel HOT during a winter storm!

I could cry a river, but I choose quality over quantity every time.

I wish I would have had these tummy drops when I was pregnant with my son. In my opinion they are way better than the preggy pops the oily feel that they left behind was unbearable for me. I have to remind myself that these are not candy, but a helpful remedy to any stomach situation. I definitely recommend. #tummydrops #tummydropspartner #keeptummieshappy #tummygummies #tummypops

Cheers to 34 years!!

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