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Private Practice Dietitian ✧ Nutrition Columnist ✧ Cookbook Author ✧Recipes & nutrition for busy families #familymeals #dietitianmom ✧RD@halfacup.com

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Looking forward to learning my biological age after attending the @tallyhealth LA dinner at @bevhillshotel this week. An easy cheek swab and results in just three weeks. Tally is connecting epigenetic technology, sleep science and supplements for longevity.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!🎊🥂 ——————————— 2023 was a year of highs and lows. As we wrap it up, I like to focus on the highs - time with family, a new pup 🐶, pierced ears, trips to Curacao, Vegas, Cancun, Vancouver, Virginia and more. Wishing you a very happy New Year in good health. May 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣4️⃣ bring peace ☮️ and prosperity.

❄️Winter Break 2023❄️ trip to Mammoth. Kids’ first time skiing ⛷️ . One skied blues the other skied greens. Fun time tubing, playing games by the fire, playing in the snow ⛄️ and visiting some of the restaurants Matt remembers from his childhood. Ready to welcome in the New Year!

One of their favorite days of the year. Halloween! 🎃💀👻 We’ll be dressing up, eating dinner with cousins, trick-or-treating and passing out candy and @lovecorn_snacks. Hoping we’ll be home and in bed at a decent hour because we all know tomorrow is a school day. What are your Halloween plans?

As a registered dietitian and a mom of two, I can tell you with 100% certainty that one of the best ways to positively impact your child’s nutrition for life is to teach them how to cook. Teaching them (or yourself) “how to cook” is about having a repertoire of various culinary skills paired with familiarity with foods. Here are my top 9 culinary skills to teach your child before 10 years old: - To set and clear the table. - To hold and use a knife. - Safety when using heat. - How to put away groceries. - To use measuring cups and spoons. - How to plan a meal. - To read a basic recipe. - To make a snack independently. - How to boil water.

Making a simple Dijon Vinaigrette.

Phew! Our family survived the first week of the school year. There’s so much emotion wrapped up in the back-to-school season. I think a big part of it is, as parents, seeing time fly before your eyes. Follow along this month for my Back-to-School #giveaway to help make school lunch easy and nutritious. Happy September, happy back-to-school season and happy Labor Day weekend!

Impromptu trip to one of our favorite cities. We ate our way through Vancouver and these are some of the highlights. The @botanist.ca and especially their raspberry pavlova were a highlight. Truly a destination for amazing fresh seafood (salmon and oysters like nowhere else), Chinese cuisine (particularly Hong Kong-style), sushi, coffee and restaurants with incredible sea, city and mountain views.

A new month is the perfect time to define goals, start a new habit and plan. Whether you’re focused on family, health, home, finances or otherwise, use this little beginning {August} to give you the push you need. In August I plan to: 1️⃣ Get ready for the new school year by cleaning out my kids’ bedrooms. I’m doing this while they are at sleep away camp to make it a surprise for when they come home. 2️⃣ Enjoy at least 1-2 more beach days with family and our new puppy. While living 30 minutes from some of California’s most beautiful beaches allows us to visit anytime, the Pacific is freezing and is best enjoyed on hot days. 3️⃣ Continue my @f45_training workouts 4 days per week. I’m loving weightlifting and want to keep up my current routine, which takes a great deal of effort to carve out the time. 4️⃣ Visit my local farmer’s market every Tuesday or Sunday. August is the last month for summer produce so I plan to make the most of it enjoying fresh cut melon, corn salads, berries and all the tomatoes I can get. What are you planning for August?

Happy National Dole Whip Day celebrating the official retail launch of Dole Whip! Made with fresh fruit and organic coconut cream. 🍍🥥🌴🍓🥭

The 4 rules of making {good} habits stick: ✨ MAKE IT OBVIOUS ✨ MAKE IT ATTRACTIVE ✨ MAKE IT EASY ✨ MAKE IT SATISFYING These rules can help you with everything from creating an exercise routine and eating more vegetables to scheduling in meal prep and going to bed earlier. Instead of focusing on breaking bad and outdated habits that aren’t working for you, focus on creating new, sustainable and positive habits as a part of your routine.

5 Easy Ways to Support Your Health this Summer 1. Hydrate! Keep water and other unsweetened beverages on hand. 2. Wear SPF 30 or higher UVA/UVB sunscreen. 3. Eat in-season fruit and veggies. 4. Get your 7-8 hours of sleep. 5. Move your body for at least 30 minutes everyday.

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