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Finding A Preschool And How Georgia Makes It Easy For Parents To Find Childcare

We care about things like proximity to home, teacher to child ratio, hours, teacher credentials, and a facility’s inspection reports. All of those metrics can be searched through Quality Rated’s free search tool, along with pricing and transportation options. The search tool lists all licensed and license-exempt child care providers in Georgia — All Quality Rated programs are independently evaluated by credentialed early childhood experts to make sure that they follow best practices.

Add These Things To Your Spring Cleaning List

The list of what to do for a major deep clean and refresh could be endless, but I wanted to share a few things that I add on to the usual tasks. While you should be changing the air filter every month or so, it’s a great time to complete that task and consider hiring someone to do a duct cleaning. We clean floors constantly around here, but I tend to overlook floors like the ones inside closets, under certain furniture, and in the garage (yuck). Pine Sol and a good ‘ole mop and bucket are all you need to catch up and make sure this is complete (in addition to your regular floor cleaning).

2018 Blog Report + Reader Survey

It’s hard to imagine people caring what I have to say, but I am more grateful than you’ll ever know! My goals for 2019 involve mentoring other bloggers and creators, launching my podcast, and being more intentional with how I’m treating my mind and body. (Different Is Normal) 5 | Six Ways My Husband’s Job Loss I want to continue to be a person that is helping my audience in the ways you want my help.

Six Ways My Husband's Job Loss Was A Blessing In Disguise

I wanted to share a few things that made Tyler’s job loss a blessing. First, it was obviously a time when I needed to supplement our income, and Tyler being home made it possible for me to dial in. Just like any one sided relationship, a job that doesn’t appreciate you can feel normal after a length of time. You truly never know what it will look like until it happens, and while you want to think that you have a strong marriage- there is always a tiny fear that maybe it’s not what you think.

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