Shuree Sauer

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Hello! I am passionate about all things healing, creative, and delightful. I am the owner/creator of Sugaree Delights & Creations - an online holisitic boutique, bakeshop, and blog. I am a student and entrepreneur. I'm currently finishing my baking certification and plan on pursuing Humanities next, then Holistic Wellness.

Location Colorado springs, Colorado United States
Country United States of America
Member Since AUGUST 18, 2019
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STAY HOME + C R E A T E ✨ I have been feeling the urge to create, build my inventory, establish my brand through my creations, practice working with wire. So many ideas are flowing - recipes for my future bakery, jewelry designs, digital creations, future classes/events - all with healing intentions. 💓 I have been baking, brainstorming, and creating - all the things that light me up, things that will bring me closer to my goals. I created these little beauties the other day, and then I made some more earrings with different crystals. I have been wanting to learn how to create wire rings and eventually add them to the shop, so I've been practicing. These pieces of jewelry include Turquoise. The other earrings include Aventurine, Rose Quartz, or Tigers Eye - all with the same wooden flower. What should I name these earrings?! Give me some ideas! ✨ I also made a cool spiral ring with Aventurine that I will be sharing soon. 🌼 · I'm honestly pretty proud of these babies, I am in love with the way things are coming together. #progressoverperfection 💓 What do you think? Would you rock these healing accessories? If so, keep an eye out for them on the shop - coming soon! 🌼 If you have any ideas for me, I'd love to know what you have in mind! I am so grateful for all of your support through this journey! And I can't wait to create a little piece of happiness for you to embrace your authentic self! 🙏 · What have you guys been doing to stay focused on your goals during this time? Let's keep the inspiration going! 👇 · · · #sugareecreations #createdtocreate #woodenflower #crystalhealingjewelry #handcraftedearrings #wirering #handwired #handmadewithlove #intentionalcreation #createwithlove #createwithintention

S P R I N G 🌱🌻🍃⛅ IN COLORADO ✨ · The weather has been slowly getting warmer. We went for a walk last weekend, and have been going outside to check the mail every day. The windows are open from the time we wake up until the evening time, sometimes even all the way until we go to bed. 🍃 Today it's COLD. ⛅❄ The sky is gray, it feels like winter outside. But we still have the windows open for fresh air. · I am so grateful for the place I call home, bipolar weather and all! It's still beautiful, with the best views! · Are you a mountain lover? 🗻 Have you taken a walk during the quarantine yet? 🏃 How's your spring going so far? 🌼 Share with us below! 👇 · · · #gooutside #freshair #takeawalk #Colorado #shadows #trees #springincolorado #gratitude #groundinginnature

C R E P E S 🍰✨ TREAT YOURSELF! · Enjoy the simple beauties in life. Allow all of your senses to experience your surroundings. The flavors, fragrances, colors and sounds. What do you see? Hear? Feel? Taste? (Comment your answers below👇) · Right now, I am enjoyong the beauty of my breakfast - its delicious and fresh flavors, the different textures of the freshly masarated berries, the cold and creamy citrus sabayon, and berry sauce combined with the warm crepes. And the hot smoked ham for some protein. 🍴🍓 I am sipping on a warm matcha latte. I am listening to the wind-chimes outside and the cars driving by. And Tyler working in the other room. 🍵 It's a cloudy day today, I have to make a list so we can go to the store when tyler gets done working for the day. We've also been going for a quick walk to check the mail everyday. I am grateful for warmer weather, the birds singing outside and my chimes. And these crepes. ⛅ · I have always loved crepes! I used to choose crepes every time we would go out to eat for breakfast, if it was an option. Now, I find something without dairy. BUT we made them in class a few weeks ago, and you know I make everything dairy-free! So, I have been enjoying making them at home lately. My sabayon needs some work, but I know what I did wrong (due to lack of ingredients) so I'm not worried about it. I gotta say, for my first time they weren't too bad. And I know practice makes perfect, so I will definitely be practicing these babies! 💓 · Do you like crepes? What's your favorite breakfast? 🍳 Share your thoughts in the comments! · · · #fancybreakfast #cheflife #pastrychef #berrycrepes #orangesabayon #dessertforbreakfast #decadentcreations #sugareedelights #sweetcrepes #smokedham #stayhomeandcook #foodphotography #foodstagram #pastryphotography #pastryplating #breakfastplate #plateup

MID-WEEK M A N T R A ✨ It will be okay We are all in this together I'm proud of you Be gentle with yourself THIS TOO SHALL PASS 🙏 · Don't give up on yourself or your dreams. Now is the perfect time to FOCUS on your goals, your healing, and most importantly, YOURSELF! 💓 · HAPPY WEDNESDAY! 💫 Wednesday is ruled by Mercury, the messenger planet. Take this as your message for the day, and spread love and kindness with everyone you interact with, even and especially virtually! Share your message with the world! · My message is to heal yourself so that you can express your authentic beauty and embrace your magic! 🌱 I'm always here to help and guide you with the healing tools I have to offer: home workouts, superfood shakes, crystal jewelry and desserts/recipes made with intention. I'm also a Gemini, ruled by Mercury - and I am a great listener! If you just need someone to talk to, I'm your girl! Feel free to message me with anything that you're struggling with! 💓 · · · #midweekmantra #thistooshallpass #believeinyourself #ruledbymercury #healyourself #holisticwellnesscoach #wereallinthistogether #talktome #healthroughfood #crystalhealingjewelry #healingwords

STAY HOME & C O O K ✨ SIMPLE R E C I P E: · 2 Sweet Potatoes 1 c Quinoa 2 c Water 3 pieces of Ham Walnuts and Cranberries (sprinkle) Spices (salt/pepper/herbs/cinnamon/ginger) · I baked the sweet potatoes with some oil and spices. At 450°F for about 30 minutes, flipping them occassionally. Then I made the quinoa in a casserole dish with everything else, for about 20 minutes, and added the potatoes at the end.. (I turned the heat down to 375°F as the quinoa was cooking) But I'm sure you could just throw it all in at once and bake it in one dish, I just wanted my potatoes separate. 🍠 So easy and so good! This would be a great holiday dish, or just an easy dinner! haha Its full of protein, fiber, healthy carbohydrates and fats, and it's heart-healthy! 💓 · Do you have any go-to sweet potato recipes? I'm wanting to start cooking with them more, but Idontknow what to make! Comment all the ideas you got for me! I need some inspiration/tips! 👇💭🙏 · · · Stay safe out there, and remember to fuel your body and feed your soul! ✨🌱 And if you try this recipe, post it and tag me! 💓 · · · #sweetpotatoes #sweetpotatorecipes #easyrecipe #dinnerbowl #quinoacasserole #eatinghealthy #healthyrecipes #fuelyourbody #feedyoursoul #foodofinstagram #simplerecipe #stayhomeandcook


Following Luna's lead today! 💫 RELAX ✨ B R E A T H E 🍃 PRAY/MEDITATE 🙏 · I woke up ready to meditate, but I needed to work on my breath first. I have been congested from the weather changing and having windows open lately. So it's been harder for me to breathe than usual. (I always struggle with breathing... Tips? 👇) · Today I am focusing on my breath. Relaxing the mind. And exploring my creativity. The rest will follow. 💓🌱 · Praying for you and here to help y o u heal and embrace your authentic self! 🙏✨ · · · #lunathecat #catsofinstagram #catmeditation #prayingfortheworld #healyourself #embraceyourauthenticity #breathworkhealing #exploreyourcreativity #relaxthemind #mondaymeditation

B A B Y SHARK ✨ LET'S EAT C A K E 🎂 · Throwback to last week, when we celebrated my youngest niece's 1st birthday! 🎉 · I am so grateful for the opportunity to celebrate this little light beam and provide delights for celebrations like these! 💫 Mila was born on the spring equinox, first day of Aries season (the beginning of a new astrological year), and a New Moon. ✨ I missed her birth, which was a big deal for me. (My family is my everything) So there was no way I was going to miss her first birthday, plus I was providing the cupcakes! I showed up late, due to a few setbacks in my baking - I ran out of sugar, and my cat ate a cupcake, causing me to bake more. 🎂 But it was so nice to see some family before the state got locked down. 🎉 · Life has been crazy, that's all I gotta say. Stay safe, and keep your loved ones close, even when social distancing. 💓 · · · #babysharkbirthday #firstbirthdayparty #letseatcupcakes #shoplocalcolorado #shopcupcakes #SugareeDelights #MilaIsabellaMarie

I'm G R A T E F U L for my V I E W S. ✨ · No matter what's going on in the world, in life, I still have one of the most beautiful views imaginable - everyday. 🗻🌄⛅ · I'm also grateful for my views on life and my open-mindedness to help me get through difficult situations like this. 💫🌱 · Release the FEAR / Spread more L O V E. And enjoy the view along the way. 💓 · · · #coloradolove #rockymountains #viewsfordays #perspective #gratitude

BAKERS GONNA B A K E ✨ Even through a quarantine/apocalypse. · I made some cookies last week, then I made some more a few days later. And again today, I'm baking more cookies. 🍪 I'm telling you guys, these cookies are ADDICTING! They are so delicious! 💓 · I love having cookies available cause let's be honest, I'm a snacker. And these cookies are the PERFECT SNACK. They are loaded with healthy fat, protein, antioxidants and fiber. Plus, low on sugar, gluten and dairy free! · During this time of chaos, don't forget to stop and do something that lights you up. And find a way to light others up with that thing! Tomorrow I will be baking cupcakes for my nieces 1st birthday (which is today, Happy Birthday Mila baby!) and I'm so excited about it! 🎂🍋 · If you wanna try the best cookies you've ever had, I'm always ready to make more of these babies! If you like peanut butter, oats, and chocolate, you will love these! 💓🍪 · What are you doing to stay busy during this time of uncertainty? ✨ · · · #bakersgonnabake #peanutbuttercookies #glutenfreecookies #dairyfreebaking #shoplocal #coloradocookies #coloradobaker

M E D I T A T E ✨ I have been feeling so called to my mat, meditating, and moving my body lately. So today I rolled out my mat, I opened the windows, put on some mantra music, and gently moved + stretched my body, coming back to my breath. 🙏💫 · I wanted to go to the park during spring break, to ground myself, move my body and get some fresh air. But Colorado Springs announced the parks closed, so I guess that's out. · Today has been very slow and relaxing though, which is what I needed. I have been trembling today and so I'm trying to calm my nervous system. · Have you meditated today? · What tips do you have for calming the nervous system and grounding yourself? ✨ Leave them in the comments! I'd love some help! 👇 Essential oils, yoga poses, breathwork techniques, anything you got! 🌱 · Happy Wednesday! Stay calm and safe out there! 💓 · · · #midweekmeditation #groundyourself #calmthenerves #relaxyourmind #relaxyourbody #wellnesstips #wellnesstipswednesday #crystalhealing #rosequartz #aventurine #selenite #prosperitymantras #selfhealing #bodymindspirit

M O O D ✨ It's been cold and cloudy the last couple days, and we've been chillin cozied up and focusing on some current projects. Spring break started early for us, so we're catching up on some school work. · We went to the store yesterday, and it was crazy seeing all the shelves wiped, people who looked sick, people wearing face masks... Life is so crazy right now! We must be extra cautious, considerate and clean while in public, and within our households. 💫 · I'm using this time to REFLECT, RELEASE & RE-ALIGN. ✨ ~Reflecting on past traumas, limiting beliefs, and future projects. ~Releasing stagnant energy, old habits, perfectionism, and all thoughts and things that are no longer serving me. ~Re-aligning my chakras, life and business. · How are you utilizing this strange time to keep on moving towards your goals and/or healing? 🌱 · · · #snowyroads #snowytree #gloomyday #cloudyandcold #snowycolorado #mood #reflect #release #realign #chakrahealing #recoveringperfectionist #crazylife

DREAMING of CROISSANTS ✨ · I have been working on my midterm for my Individual Fancy Desserts class - It's a menu. I have always dreamed of learning how to make croissants and having Chocolate Croissants on the menu in my future bakeshop. I learned how to make croissants in one of my baking classes last year, and I cannot wait to make them dairy-free! The recipe I used for my menu project is actually vegan, and I'm so excited about it! I can't wait to test it out! 💓 · I've recently been thinking about eventually offering baking classes, and croissant rolling/dough laminating may be on that list of classes.. We'll see! ✨ · What do you guys think? Does this sound like something you'd be interested in? What would you like to learn?! Drop your ideas in the comments!! 👇 · · · #chocolatecroissants #bakingclasses #doughlamination #bakerydreams #coloradobaker #sugareedelights #dairyfreebaking #vegancroissants

Always choose E V O L V E ! ✨ That's where your dream life is, the reality you've been thinking about and manifesting for so long. It won't be an easy decision, but I promise you'll thank yourself later! · This was basically my exact situation this week. And I chose to evolve. I chose the opportunity that was more aligned with my dreams, the end goal. And the option that was going to be better on my health and more aligned with my lifestyle and true passions. 💓🌱✨ · I'm so excited to start this new journey and continue working towards my dream life - doing what I love, where I love! · Follow your heart and chase your wildest dreams! That's where you find your purpose! ✨ #dailyinspiration #followyourheart #chasingdreams #listentoyourintuition #evolveorrepeat #moveforward #dontlookback #healyourself #makeachoice

L I S T E N ✨ To your body, your intuition To the Universe, the signs coming your way To the people around you, those who know you best · This week was CRAZY! · -I woke up Monday and found out that I was late to work, then I transferred departments the same day and had to come back for training at midnight. -Tuesday, I came home from work and napped all day! I missed my class. I woke up from my nap to an email with a job offer that I have been MANIFESTING for the last year. ✨ -Wednesday I had school all day, and I made crepe batter! Crepes are my favorite, I have been wanting to make them for so long! I saw how they are made my first week working at the Broadmoor, and I've made the batter once or twice for work, but I'm excited to make them from beginning to end! I didn't have time to cook any in class, so I just took the batter home and I can't wait to make them for breakfast! 🍳 -Thursday I had to go to the doctor, it's been a rough week on my health. -Friday I experienced my first flat tire while personally driving, my tire blew on me in the middle of the road! 🚘 · After some deep thinking, I came to the decision that was best for my health and my true goals and passions in life. This job is so aligned with what I want to do with my own business. 💓 · I'm so grateful for my self awareness, those closest to me, and the universe - for guiding me towards the right direction and providing me with what I need in divine timing. 🙏 · I'm always so quick to overwhelm myself. As soon as I saw that job offer, I was ready to take on both jobs. But I was quickly smacked with the cold hard TRUTH. · YOU WON'T BE ABLE TO DO ALL THE THINGS, ALL THE TIME. AND THAT'S OKAY, YOU'RE NOT EXPECTED TO. · Be gentle with yourself. Give yourself time to heal and grow, to become who you were always meant to be. ✨ · · · #begentlewithyourself #healingtakestime #trustyourintuition #divinetiming #selflove #selfhealing #healingperfectionist #recoveringperfectionist #healwithme #manifestingmydreams #manifestingmindset #universalalignment #selfiesaturday #peacelovehappiness #attitudeofgratitude #cheesysmile #happyhealing

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