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Do You Even Need a LinkedIn Public Profile?

In case you don’t know, LinkedIn lets you design a public profile that people who aren’t logged into LinkedIn can see via search engines like Google. If you want to know why I’m advocating for complete, public LinkedIn profiles, it’s because many recruiters only search the network from the outside. LinkedIn charges recruiters buckets of money to search inside the network, so many of them source candidates from LinkedIn via Google. It gave me comfort to know that anyone looking for me could google my name and access my public profile if they weren’t logged in and my LinkedIn network profile if they were logged in.

Outsmart LinkedIn’s Ugly Gray Logo Box

If your profile sports an unattractive gray box next to your current job title, it’s time to learn how to add a company page and logo to LinkedIn (stick with me on this; it’s easy). I often see the gray box on unemployed job seekers’ profiles because they haven’t attached their “current job” to a company page. I encourage anyone who consults between jobs to set up a bare-bones company page on LinkedIn and upload a logo to the company page. How to Add a Company Logo to Your Profile Once you have a logo and a company page, here’s how to link the company page to your profile: •

What Recruiters Want to Know About Your Education

What Recruiters Want to Know About Your EducationMany job seekers want to know how to best show their educational background to recruiters and hiring managers. Because of that, I wrote this post about the resume education section

10 Most Common Resume Words People Hate

I asked this question on LinkedIn last week and got an earful of good advice from HR executives, recruiters, marketers, writers, and others. To get a measure, I put each word and its variations into LinkedIn’s search box. If you want to know how I did the word counts referenced above and shown below, here’s a quick “how to” video: Moving on, here’s the list of least favorite resume words, arranged from lowest to highest usage on LinkedIn:

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