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We are a dutch family of 5 traveling around the world to explore cultures and meet people that (try) to live a free life. We sold all our belongings and bought Bitcoins for it, so we also are known as the bitcoin family.

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A Family Robinson Lifestyle in a Treehouse

Ever since I was young and saw the Family Robinson movie where a family gets stranded on an island and builds up a life in a treehouse over there I dreamed about living a life like that. I haven’t thought about that for a long time but when we yesterday walked to a viewpoint Koh Phangan and discovered that a family with a baby was living over there in a Robinson style tree hut it came back to me

making charity more transparent through the blockchain

Through this ethos, the Evimeria project revolves around giving people around the world a fair chance at life by making donations easy and transparent. The Evimeria token (EVI) powers the Evimeria platform by offering liquidity and an exchange-of-value system within the Evimeria ecosystem. Here, other cryptocurrencies such as ETH and BTC can be exchanged and traded with EVI to be able to use the Evimeria donation platform. an EVI exchange that links EVI with other cryptocurrency assets, and c.) a public distributed ledger that tracks and accounts for every transaction.

Momentum Protocol; revolutionising the loyalty world.

The loyalty points from all brands that offer loyalty and rewards programs and are connected to Momentum Protocol Momentum Protocol platforms will be transferable between different brands too! The company already has a successful track record in supplying Loyalty & Reward Platform solutions through its MobileBridge App software, this is the software that’s behind a brands loyalty and rewards app. Now, Momentum Protocol are launching the Momentum Token, creating the world’s first blockchain and cryptocurrency-based marketing platform. I became an ambassador of Momentum Protocol because I strongly believe that people need to be able to see and control their loyalty and reward points freely.

The Bitcoin Family children would love to have one!

My kids have been begging for a pet dog for quite a while now. They even made a youtube video about it! They tell me it will be a great addition to our travelling troupe

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