Ali Olvera

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x Boss Babe behind That Styled Teacher Blog x Serving you Fashion Finds On A Budget x Lifestyle + ATX Fun x 💌 x Shop My Looks

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Happy Friday! We survived the week! Why do short work weeks always feel longer?!  We are dog sitting for my sister this weekend in San Antonio so it’s gonna be a long evening of traveling for us!  What are your weekend plans?! #weekendplans #amazonstyle #fallfashiontrends  Sweater - @targetstyle Skirt - @amazonfashion Hat - @amazon Shoes - @shopreddress

In case you missed it, I have a new blog post on different ways to style a graphic tee  Which is your favorite?!  Derek and I are trying to stick to a budget 😝 so I am trying to find new ways to repurpose and style what I have in my closet.  Check the link in my bio for this post! #newontheblog #styleidea #fashioninspired  #ipreview

What’s the weather like where you live? ⁣ Some days it feels like fall, other days it feels like summer 😝 ⁣ Here in Texas you got to dress in layers for the cool morning and super warm afternoons! ⁣ Can’t wait for full time cool weather! ⁣ Tank - @target Jeans - @abercrombie Shoes - @walmart Bag - @targetstyle Sunglasses - @quayaustralia

What is your go to @starbucks drink?! Better yet what is the most creative drink you like to order?  I am a sucker for a pumpkin cream cold brew but would love to add some new drinks to my go to list!  If you’re not a Starbucks fan comment below your favorite coffee shop! #starbucksdrinks #fallfavorites #sharetheknowledge 

Is it sweater weather where you live?!  It’s not exactly sweater weather here in Austin yet but I sure am pulling out all my fall and winter clothes for the very moment it arrives  It is so exciting pulling out a whole new wardrobe that’s been hibernating for months on end! Can’t wait to wear all these clothes I forgot I had 😝 #sweaterseason #fallwardrobe #hellofall🍂  jacket - @americaneagle shoes - @payless beanie - @targetstyle jeans - @hollisterco sweater - @amazonfashion

Tequila, Tacos and Naps. Sounds like the perfect weekend!  What is your favorite thing to do on the weekends? Are you more of a relaxer on the weekends or a doer?  #weekendplans #tequilatequila #happyweekendeveryone

It’s officially October and my mood will be so much more content for the next few months!  This is my favorite time of the year and after the craziness of everything we have had I am so ready to decorate, celebrate and be more connected  What is one of your favorite things about October?! #october2020 #favoritetimeoftheyear #spookyszn  #ipreview

You were made to be exactly who you are. Don’t try to be like someone else. You were made for wonderful and amazing things. Start seeing the beautiful you that the world needs.  For me, this all started with getting to know Jesus. I always felt like I was lacking and comparison was my enemy. After truly having a relationship with Jesus did it all start to change.  Friends, I encourage you to go against the ways of this world and what society thinks we should strive for. Seek Him and He will find you wherever you are in your life today  #jesusisking #lovewhoyouare #youarefearfullyandwonderfullymade  #ipreview

I am usually a jeans type of girl but lately I have been reaching for more dresses and skirts  Still kept the denim vibe by throwing on a distressed denim jacket that pairs perfectly with this sweater dress  The color is perfect for fall and and can be easily dressed up or down  Hope you all have the best Monday! ⁣ Jacket // @target Sweater Dress // @closetcandyboutique #fallstyleinspo #sweaterdress #styleguide  ⁣ #liketkit #ipreview

Just because 2020 has been a bust does not mean your life is. We still have power over our mindset  And let’s face it. How much is going to change once 2020 is over? The pandemic isn’t going anywhere and this is sort of our new reality. At least for now  So today I challenge you to step back and take a look at your life. Have you put it on pause? Don’t let the challenges the world throws at you dictate your life. You have the power. You have control. #mindsetshift #youhavethepower #yourlifeyourway  #ipreview via

For those that are back at work, what do you do with your pup while you’re gone?  We have a meet and greet with a potential sitter for Fran tonight! Haha I can’t believe I’m saying that  Fran has a heart condition and can’t be put into doggie day care. She also really HATES being alone so we are looking for a sitter that can come and hang out with her for a few hours a day  #dogmomproblems #mykidshavepaws #furmama #adultingishard #ipreview

It’s just another MAGIC Monday! I love the start of a new week, the potential is endless! Here are some things you can do to kickstart this week!  -start a new planner  -start working on a new habit  -start a new book  -move some furniture around in your room or house  What are some other things you do to get out of a rut or fee inspired for the week ahead?!  #newweeknewgoals #mondaymonday #letsdothistogether #ipreview

We are finally back into a routine with school and things are starting to feel normal again. Honestly never thought I would say that!  It’s also really awesome to see how happy the kids are to be back in school and with their friends!  Are you still working from home or have you made it back to work?! #teacherlife🍎 #backatwork #montessoriteacher  #ipreview

Which outfit matches your style the most? 1, 2, 3, or 4?!  I don’t really have a label when it comes to fashion my only requirement is that it has to comfortable and somewhat affordable  I love being able to mix and match pieces and really believe in matching either 😝  Rules are meant to be broken right?!  #outfitstyles #fashionfun #dressforyourself #ipreview

Who else feels it’s so much more fun to get dressed in the fall? There is just something about the colors, the different ways to wear the same pieces and oh, not sweating through your clothes 😂  One more week until it’s officially fall. Surely the weather will start cooperating then right?! #hellofall #fallfashion2020 #fashionloverstyle  Dress - @amazonfashion Chambray Button Down - @oldnavy Espadrilles- @targetstyle Watch - @target 

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