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In Marriage First Comes Love, Then Comes Money... Really?! How?

It points out five different Money personalities: The Saver, The Spender, The Risk Taker, The Security Seeker and The Flyer The problem occurs when the two lovebirds (you and your partner) have different money personalities that don’t match the other’s preferences. It’s not like he doesn’t want to, he doesn’t care. I know I already mentioned this quote, but it’s just the one that matters the most.

This TED Talk Will Change Your Life

Attention Wholehearted People – This TED Talk Will Change Your Life With over 39 million views The Power of Vulnerability by Brene Brown is the second most watched TED Talk ever. Brene Brown talks about something you and I avoid talking about

You Are Doomed If You Don't Grow These 10 Healthy Relationship Habits

You Are Doomed If You Don’t Grow These 10 Healthy Relationship Habits Let me tell you a story about June and John and their healthy relationship habits. June and John are the real names of the couple that lives in the house next to ours

You'll Never Believe How Powerful They Are

I’ve prepared 10 of the most powerful Wayne Dyer quotes for better, stronger and happier You. The meaning of life is to get the meaning for life. There’s someone in your life who need to see these powerful quotes. YOU WILL WANT TO SHARE • 42 PROVEN WAYS TO LEARN

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