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Welcome to A Welder's Wife - all about how to become a minimalist, maintaining a minimalist lifestyle, and the benefits of this lifestyle.

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Guest Post by Craig at Green & Growing

Better yet, I am sure you are thinking what kind of plants can I utilize that grow in a forest garden setting. Before you can begin planting, you must make sure that the soil in your garden is healthy and nutrient-rich to facilitate better growth and longevity in your forest garden. Healthy soil is also better able to hold water, which will help keep your plants happy and growing tall. Find a good area to start that gets plenty of sunlight (and at different levels so all plants, from the tallest to the shortest, receive the light they need) and is protected against strong winds.

How to Declutter Your Home FAST!

Put away the clean dishes and load the dishwasher with the dirty dishes. By quickly organizing the dirty laundry, put on the first load that you have a big enough pile to start. By removing just one load of laundry from your dirty clothes pile, your home looks tidier. If you have time to put things away, do so until your guests knock at the door.

How I Started My Zero Waste Journey + 5 Ways to Reduce Your Waste

If you’re not familiar with the zero waste movement, it basically involves ways on how you can reduce your waste. Obviously, the term implies producing zero waste, but I will tell you that while my family has greatly reduced our waste, we are nowhere close to producing zero waste. And while we continue to strive to find ways to reduce our waste, I can tell you that at this season in our lives, producing zero waste is not realistic. For the next nine months, we just have to weigh our trash, attend a zero waste workshop or two, work to reduce our waste, and start composting.

Simple Tips for a More Environmentally Friendly Home

Please note that I am not sponsored in any way to mention them to you, but if you are looking to add environmentally friendly pieces into your home, this is a company worth looking into for those pieces. They also require less work on your home to be energy efficient, which in turn helps appliances last longer and reduces the amount of energy your home pulls from the grid. For things that you cannot mend or repair, such as holy shirts that you do not want your husband going out in public wearing, cut them up into rags to use for cleaning or to rub stain on a pieces of furniture. * Purchase things that are not packaged in plastic, if possible I could continue, but I think you see how simple it is to swap things or habits to make your home more environmentally friendly.

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