Heather Fletcher

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I am a self described foodie with over 10 years experience in the heath and wellness industry. I have a masters in exercise physiology and my passion is teaching others how to live a healthy life without sacrifice.

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My 2nd class with @rowhouseofficial for their decade challenge was all endurance. This time we were rowing straight with no stretch in between. The pace was more steady with sprint intervals at the end. I liked the encouragement from the group to all work together to hit 70,000 meters. Hitting a goal is something that motivates me in workouts. The decade theme for the music was 2015 and I enjoyed going down memory lane with the songs! #rowhouse #rowhouse10years #decadeofrowhouse, #fitness #workouts #fitnessmotivation #rowing #rowingworkout

On the plane, in the airport and on the street I saw so many people in instanbul there for medical procedures. Did you know that Turkey is one of the top places in the world for hair transplants and ethnic nose jobs? Many people are flocking to different countries for medical tourism to get their healthcare and elective procedures at a fraction of the cost. By the time you pay for the travel, lodging, procedures and aftercare you are still saving thousands. Medical tourism has grown exponentially year over year and I compiled the top 10 countries to visit for medical tourism on thefitfoodielife.com. Honestly after researching this topic further, I am considering taking part in medical tourism myself. As with everything, it is important to do your proper research and find reputable facilities for your procedures just like you would do here. ✨Link in Bio✨ #medicaltourism #medicaltourisminturkey #internationalhealthcare #travelblogger #traveltheworld #medicaltourismmexico #travelblog #healthcareabroad

Inhale confidence, exhale doubt Boat days on the bay 👙 #floridaliving #ilivewhereyouvacay #tampabae #swimsuitmodels #tampabaybloggers #blackgirlsslay #swimweek #stufftodointampabay

There was a time in my life where all I thought about was bodybuilding and the next show… At the time it was right for me and I loved the season I was in. Eventually I wanted a change. I wanted to fall in love with my workouts again and train not just for the next stage but truly enjoy moving my body. So I began getting back to what I loved and trying new things. It’s okay to evolve and grow from what you used to do. That’s the beauty of life is that something that was important to you years ago may look different now. As long as you’re happy and living in your truth that’s all that matters. Let this be a reminder 💞 #exerciseroutine #fitnesstips #tampafitness #womensfitnesscoach #tampafit #fitnesslifestyle #blackgirlfit #figurecompetitors

Do you feel that you are too busy to exercise? Regular exercise is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle but finding time for it can be challenging for some. Between having a family, social life, and work you might feel you don’t have the time or energy for it. But fitness doesn’t have to be what you think it is and you will be surprised at how easy it is to fit in an essential component to your health. Exercise is a time investment for a quality life so make time for it before you are forced to make time for the consequences of being inactive. On thefitfoodielife.com, I am sharing time-saving fitness tips to help you incorporate exercise into your busy schedule. ✨Link in Bio✨ #exerciseismedicine #healthylifetips #wellnessbloggers #findtimetoexercise #tampablogger #blogher #tampafitness #blackwomenfitness

Barcelona has so many restaurants to choose from it can be hard to figure out where to go! Here is my list of all of the restaurants I went to other than my hotel ⬇️ Breakfast and Brunch 🍳 @billybrunch @eatmytrip Lunch and Dinner 🍽️ @honestgreens @leromanebarcelona La Fonda @elglopbarcelona @coyabarcelona.official @hotelcolonbarcelona @oassisnaturalcooking @danannibcn @flaxandkale @gallonerobcn Tapas Food Tour #barcelonafood #barcelonarestaurants #wheretoeatbarcelona #travelblogger #traveltheworld #thisisbarcelona #bracelonatips #blacktraveljourney

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