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Hi! I'm Carol - and I love to cook and garden. Please see my website too- and Follow me on Pinterest:

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Build an Easter Basket with Clues

Each year, at Easter time, I came up with printed clues to lead her from one Easter egg to the next Easter clues should be a mix of hard and easy I liked to move around the house, back and forth as we built an Easter basket with clues. Print out the Easter Egg Hunt Clues for building an Easter Basket. If you want to copy my Easter egg hunt, you can print out the filled in clue sheet that I used here in PDF format.

The Ultimate Guide for Succulent Shopping

Examples of tender succulents are: Most of the small plants that you find for sale at normal garden centers and big box hardware stores will be the tender succulent type. I’ll often take apart the container and pot up each plant in its own container, and I also use broken leaves and tip cuttings to propagate the plants into new succulents. I’ll take apart the small plants and use them in a larger bowl arrangement and I’ll still have the small ceramic planter (with a drainage hole! ) Prices at the Farmer’s Market are likely to be a bit more expensive, but the plants will likely be good sized specimens that are well cared for by people who grow the plants themselves.

How to Grow and Care For Pansy Flowers

These tips for how to grow and care for pansy flowers will help with keeping your plants blooming longer as you wait for some other spring blooming plants to grow. They like a soil pH of 5.8 to 6.2 Water and fertilizing needs for pansies If you plant pansies in the fall, the rainfall in winter will be more than enough to satisfy their needs. Depending on where you live, and the type of pansy that you plant, it can behave like an annual, a perennial (giving two years of bloom like a foxglove does) or a perennial. However, like many plants that self seed, the new plants are not likely to look like the original parent plant.

Types of Onions and How to Use Them

Check them out here: Onion Varieties and How to Use Them in Recipes Onions have the rare ability to be sweet, pungent, aromatic and savory all at the same time. If you are looking for onions to use in a recipe that features their flavor (such as onion soup), or for caramelizing purposes, sweet onions are the way to go. Spanish onions are a particular type of yellow onion that are slightly sweeter and more delicate in flavor than normal yellow onions. This onion is used to enhance the flavor of recipes and has a delicate and mild flavor with a slightly sweet taste.

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