Ina Joseph

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Hi! I'm Ina (pronounced ee-na, she/hers). I'm passionate about collaborating with women and BIPOC business owners and influencers. PR & Marketing Manager at Anika PR Editor & PR Manager at Amour Caché. Eager to connect with forward thinkers and change makers!

Location NJ United States
Country United States of America
Member Since SEPTEMBER 30, 2020
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Guest Tahanee Sayyid, Author of Lust Now, Cry Later Relationship Expert Everything Girls Love

Her passion for writing landed her a writing position with Yandy Smith-Harris’, star of VH1’s “Love & Hip-Hop: New York,” Tahanee communicates the significance of self-awareness, respect, dignity and love for family, friends and the Creator while engaging with the public at churches, fundraisers, AIDS awareness events and colleges such as Gaudette College, Howard University and University of Maryland University College. Tahanee is featured on various media platforms, including print, podcast, social media and radio, such as “Madame Noire” magazine, the “Stafford Sun Newspaper,” Tahanee consistently communicates the importance of self-love and having standards in her books, YouTube series and interviews.

Guest Tammy Thompson, Founder of T3 Consulting, Inc.

Tammy Thompson started T3 Consulting, Inc. after being out of work for a year and not being able to find another job. Since primarily focus on raising awareness about poverty and how it impacts people mentally, emotionally and psychologically, I think we bring a different perspective to the issue of poverty and the people working hard to escape it. I’ve found over the years that there are many agencies and social service practitioners who benefit from having the information that I provide because it makes them better at what they do and as a result families who find themselves needing assistance get better services. Increased awareness also creates space to think about poverty differently and encourages the powers-that-be to be more creative and innovative in thinking about, creating and changing policy that directly impacts people living in poverty.

Guest Isi Aladejobi, Founder of Become Fulfilled by Powerful Women Make Power Moves

, “I started my business to help women of color close the salary gap and live out their God-given story. I’m a passionate Career & Salary Strategist who believes you can do anything you put your actions to. We have helped women to advocate for their well deserved earnings in the workplace and to hone in on what makes them unique for the ultimate confidence. To date, my strategies have equipped women to earn 20k-100k Salary raises even in the midst of a pandemic.

Guest Julie Parker

With a focus on client attraction & retention Julie Parker is a national educator, role model and mentor and founder of Elite Consulting. A national educator, role model and mentor with over 15 years of corp experience in Oil & Gas industry , she helps established entrepreneurs, sm biz owners and commission based professionals with their own online events so they consistently and elegantly fuel their sales pipelines with targeted quality leads & ideal referral partners by showing up powerfully and making a bigger impact to convert them into clients.

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