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A blog about DIY successes and failures, life with twin boys, design and how they all come together in our fixer upper home.

Location Wyoming
Member Since NOVEMBER 13, 2018
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Why Choose Linen Bedding? (plus tips on caring for linen)

Because it’s made from flax plants, which require much less water than cotton and can grow just about anywhere, linen is a more sustainable fabric. Linen gets better with age Not only will your linen bedding last a very long time (it can last for many decades as it’s much stronger and more durable than cotton), it will also actually get better with age! I’m using their white linen sheet set, Pom Pom Trim Linen Duvet in natural stripe, Pom Pom Trim Linen Pillowcase in natural stripe, and the Beige Waffle Blanket. If, like me, that’s not an option, tumble dry on low heat to about 90% then hang somewhere or place back on the bed (as long as you’re not sleeping on it right away) to dry the rest of the way.

Introducing the Improve Canada Showroom

Last month I got to visit Canada’s largest home improvement showroom and believe me when I say, it did NOT disappoint. Improve Canada houses over 350 showrooms for all things from exterior patio stones to interior decorating accessories for a truly start to finish experience when it comes to whatever project you’re tackling! There are lots of showrooms dedicated to kitchens and general home renovations (like and ), but I absolutely loved my time at the Remodel Canada (Unit #205) showroom. however a showroom like Art De Vie Renovation (Unit #318) has a massive selection of flooring on display and samples available for you to take home.

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