Kristin Savage

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Sharing my love for design & life’s Moments Wife to Savage ❀ GIRL MOM ❀ 🤸🏼‍♀️+👯‍♀️ Click ▼▼▼ for the newest blog

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New hallway in a day!

Hello walking blind into walls, plenty of stubbed toes, and no running to the bathroom at night! What you will need: I used a little over 4 rolls of HaokHome wallpaper to cover the hallway ceiling. If you do have air bubbles you can, put a small hole in the bubble and use scraper to smooth it out. Alrighty, so everything is up now you can use the X-acto knife to trim off excess wall paper.

It's back to school already!

School starts in a couple of weeks for my daughters and as of right now we are bored in the house, bored in the house, bored! Blue Studios is a STEM based, fun and exciting website that offers children of all ages science based projects that are geared to introduce subjects such as coding, chemistry, physics, and many more. Blue Studios also provides a STEM kit which includes materials needed for various experiments. Blue Studios is a healthy alternative to kid’s playing video games, watching videos on YouTube, and watching Netflix all day.

Krissy Savage Moments

There is nothing wrong with a three dollar towel however understand that you will purchase that $3 towel 10 times over and over and over again. Look at the instructions, look at that little tag that’s on the towel and if it says anything about wash in cold that is not the towel for you. With Sevenfold home’s new and improved weave called the “blooming loom” the towels are able to open up or “bloom” like a flower. Since you guys are a part of my following, guess what you’re going to get 10% off your entire purchase from Sevenfold home.

Will your back to School fashion change?

Lucky for us next day and 2 day shipping is coming in handy as we prepare for this upcoming school year. 8am wake ups, breakfast with our girls whether it’s oatmeal or pancakes, followed with zoom calls to report for class. While our girls are in school, our e-learning fashion plays apart, you just simply feel better after a great shower and an amazing outfit. You can shop Kylie’s, Krista’s, or Kirstin’s

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