Absolutely Lucy

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I'm Lucy, of the solo female travel blog, Absolutely Lucy. I've spent nearly a decade solo travelling across the globe to almost 50 countries and I'm passionate about empowering women to feel confident to travel the world solo. I have a loyal following of 20k across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok and Youtube, with social media content reaching over 60k each month alone.

Demographic data: 70% female 50% aged 25-35 / 30% aged 35-45 45% UK based / 30% US based

Key topics covered: Solo female travel, adventure travel, outdoors & active, digital nomad tips, budgeting & saving for travel, vanlife, music festivals.

My content focuses on empowering solo female travellers and first-time travellers to feel safe and confident when travelling the world. I’m all about making adventure travel accessible & affordable for those travelling on a budget. My social media and blog are filled with vibrant, colourful content that inspires my followers to take the plunge and book that first trip. Combining beautiful imagery and video footage, with raw and authentic travel experiences to share a well-rounded view of what it’s really like to travel solo as a woman. I share a variety of destinations, from the well-loved backpacker routes, to the more off-the-beaten track locations to inspire travellers to step outside of their comfort zone.

I've worked with international brands including United Airlines, Jet2Holidays, Ryanair, adidas, AllTrails and Toyota. I've also worked with a range of tourism boards including Australia Tourism on multiple campaigns, Visit Boston, Visit Cyprus, Visit Cyprus and Visit Belize among others.

I'm looking for paid partnerships and long-term relationships with brands. I'd love to connect with PRs, travel and lifestyle brands, and tourism boards for potential sponsored partnerships for blog and social media, press trips and much more. I also offer various marketing services as a consultant with 13 years of experience, and public speaking opportunities on a range of topics.

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Why 2019 is a year for big change and new directions

It seems apt that I’m writing this on the four year anniversary of when I first started my solo traveling journey around the world and one of the happiest times of my life. It’s a strange feeling when you’re finding inspiration from the person you used to be, but if there’s anything I want to aspire towards right now, it’s being the real Lucy once again. It’s a place that I have loved and hated in equal measure, and while I will always be proud that I made a life there, I’m afraid it’s not a life I wish to continue. After such big life changes, it’s important to take time to reflect and heal and there’s no shame in taking time out to get your head together.

Launching my new Hamburg Expat Events project

When I first moved to Germany, I started attending Hamburg expat events to give me the opportunity to meet new people and feel more settled in my new home. Naturally, the next step was to find a way of bringing all of these people together via social media to make it easier to organise future events, and to give people a chance to connect in their own time. This group has been organised as a way of bringing like-minded people together to make new friends and find help for any expat issues they might face. While it was the amazing power of social media that has brought this group of people together, I really want to focus on organising face-to-face meet-ups and bring people together.

Why you should be investing in sustainable fashion

Because sustainable fashion is about more than just wearing clothes made of bamboo – it’s about choosing classic investment pieces that will transcend the seasons and will last for years. It’s about buying clothes made of good quality, natural materials that don’t harm the environment and will be loved time and time again. But I’m here to bust this idea that we need to constantly be buying new things to look good. So let’s take a step back from this idea that we constantly need new clothes to feel and look good.

Keeping in touch with the ones who matter this Christmas

But for all my fellow travelers and expats, I want to reassure you that there is no reason to ever feel guilty or bad if you simply don’t have the money, the time, or the energy to go home for Christmas. The lovely thing about keeping in touch this way is that these friends don’t mind if you go a long time in-between catch-ups because you dedicate a whole evening to them. Most of the time I try to schedule calls and chats with people, I know my friends and family are as busy as I am, so I like to make sure we choose a time when we’re both free to really talk. I have a group chat for my family, a group chat for my best friends from home and others for my close traveling friends.

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