Caryn Nicole Paolini

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Your Online Coach🙋🏻‍♀️

Former psychologist🧠 & IFBB pro💪 turned whole body transformation specialist for women

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Online Fitness Coaching With IFBB Pro Caryn Nicole

Set yourself up with a program that will bring you a lifetime of success rather than endless yo-yo’s, rebounds, and extremes. Take time daily to create an awareness around something you’ve accomplished or how far you’ve come, rather than focusing on how much further you have to go. Your mindset and your thoughts control your actions and behaviors, and your actions and behaviors control your outcome and results. Having the right nutrition and workout programming in place is a very huge piece, but having the nutrition and workout program in place will be meaningless if you’re not doing this inner mindset work along way.

Katelin's Journey: Beating the bingeing/restricting cycle and becoming her BEST SELF!

That night, that awful feeling of being so uncomfortable with how I felt inside and how I felt looking into the mirror, changed my life. My mind and my body were finally at peace; I felt balance and loved being able to live my life while also living the fitness lifestyle. Fitness quickly became my passion, something that was extremely important in my day-to-day life. I am very comfortable with my body, mind, lifestyle and have great balance with my diet and training – thank you Caryn! ! ! : )

Unbreakable! Megan's story of overcoming abuse and becoming her strongest self!

He is such a patient and amazing man who helped me realize I deserved better and was patient with me while overcoming the fear that had a hold on me. Around this time i realized I was still holding onto fear from so many years ago, so I channeled that fear to make myself stronger, to build myself up so no-one could ever tear me down like that ever again. If it wasn’t for my past I wouldn’t have realized that fitness is my true passion. and you just have to hold onto that and one day without you even realizing it that the hard time has passed and you’re a stronger person because of it.

Client Feature: Using Fitness to Overcome Negativity!

“Before I began my fitness journey I was not at a happy point in my life. I began to gain a lot of weight and instead of trying to fix that, I looked towards food for comfort. I never realized how awful I felt until I finally took charge and made a change in my life. Working there really did change my life.

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