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A food focused travel blog.

Location Delray Beach, FL
Country United States
Member Since JULY 12, 2016
Social Audience 27K
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11 Best Upper Peninsula Restaurants

Let’s kick this “best of the Upper Peninsula restaurant tour” off with the ever-popular Ambassador. Since it is not a Houghton restaurant, as it doesn’t serve food (though many local restaurants will deliver), you can argue it should not be on the list of best Upper Peninsula restaurants. Where to Eat in Marquette, Michigan If you find yourself in Marquette, hit this traditional American restaurant where you can grab a burger and a beer and enjoy every minute. You’ve already found Paradise, MI, and you’ll really find paradise when you try this classic Upper Peninsula restaurant.

Best Restaurants in Coronado, CA

An elegant fine dining restaurant with a casual island vibe, Peohe’s (pronounced p-o-ees) is part of the Chart House family of restaurants. This seafood restaurant group, established in 1969, has other locations throughout the San Diego region, but the reason it’s one of our favorites is consistency – in its selection of entrees, excellent food quality, price point, and wonderful service. Open for lunch, dinner, and happy hour, menu items include favorite pub starters, beachy greens (salads), tacos, burgers, sandwiches, wood-fired pizzas, and main events (larger entrée specials). Located in the courtyard of the historic El Cordova Hotel, Miguel’s in Coronado is the perfect place to take a few steps off-the-beaten-path and enjoy a margarita and some mouthwatering Mexican cuisine served San Diego style.

14 Best Restaurants In Richmond, VA

With an incredible food (and booze) scene, Richmond, aka RVA, has a great variety of restaurants that should be on your food bucket list to try. Offering modern Greek dishes, Stella’s has reached the number one spot for best Greek restaurant in Richmond. While their menu isn’t extensive, each dish is so perfectly prepared that you don’t need much more than what’s on the list. Because of all the yummy places, it’s hard for a restaurant to stand out and you have to be the best of the best to make it on this list.

I'm Officially a Dual Citizen! or How NOT to Get a Mexican Passport

If you’re thinking that maybe having a second passport would be great for you here’s a great article that weighs the pros and cons of having dual citizenship. When we had our lineage certificates in hand I was going to continue the process to receive my INE (voting card) and passport here in Mexico but my sister wasn’t going to pay to come here (again) as she did and I’m returning to Mexico tomorrow (as an actual Mexican for the first time!) to spend two weeks in Tulum with my best friend where we are going to look at some possible investment properties, now that I can buy property as a citizen rather than a foreigner. Also, I just learned that using my Mexican passport there’s the possibility of getting full Spanish citizenship after two years of residing in Spain.

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