Alicia Briggs

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Hi there! I'm a passionate writer, both personally and professionally with a knack for helping new companies grow and brand themselves. I spent the last two years traveling the world, and working full-time throughout my journey. A huge part of my work involves human rights, and blending the things I've learned from across the world, and the people I've met, with my work in advocacy.

For up to date writing samples, check out my responsible travel blog, Learning the Local Way:

Location Portland, OR
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The 11 Best Cafes in Merida to Work From for Digital Nomads : Learning the Local Way

These 10 spots are the best cafes in Merida for remote work, with plenty of outlets, fantastic working environments, and ample menu choices. You have a lot of seating choices, but Flores is super popular for breakfast, so it’s best to come after the morning rush if you want to get your prime choice. That being said, unlike the other options on this list, Casa ‘Tho isn’t the ideal spot for a full work day. Despite it’s non-stop popularity, Marago is a great spot for remote work and home to what I consider some of the best coffee in Merida.

Exploring Hacienda Mucuyche Cenotes: How to Visit The Yucatan's Best Kept Secret : Learning the Local Way

Here you’ll find everything you need to know to visit Hacienda Mucuyche cenotes: what it is, how to visit, what to bring, and what it’s like. Below is everything you need to know before visiting- how to get there, what it costs, how to book, what it’s like, and what you need to know before you go. Now, it’s a major local attraction and growing in popularity with international tourists, especially cenote Mucuyche. You’ll get some time to swim in this cenote before you swim through the man made cenote channel which connects the first and last cenote.

Why Pau Roman Is The Sustainable Swimwear Brand You Need To Try Now : Learning the Local Way

In this article, I interview the founder of Mexico based sustainable swimwear brand, Pau Roman. Is it possible to find truly fashionable, designer quality swimwear at an affordable price, that’s also eco-friendly? What Types of Materials Do You Use to Create Eco-Friendly Swimwear? Our vision is to be totally transparent with our processes and materials, so people can relate to our cause; which is to design and create with a low impact on our natural resources.

How Understanding Systems of Oppression Saved Me From My Eating Disorder : Learning the Local Way

The most important things and influential things for my recovery that I’ve learned, didn’t come from treatment facilities or therapy. We’re taught in eating disorder recovery how trauma, anxiety, and a strong need for control play a vital role in the creation of our eating disorder. Binge eating disorder is the most common eating disorder, yet most media and conversations circulate around anorexia or bulimia. Traditional eating disorder treatment has very little emphasis on cultural and societal issues which definitely play a role in our eating disorders.

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