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We are all about personal responsibility and helping others vibrate higher, vibrate stronger in order to create their very best lives.

We need help with spreading the word - to ignite a wildfire of personal growth, development, and accountability in the world.

We are looking for likeminded individuals who are passionate about inspiring others to become their very best selves. We know sometimes our journeys are difficult. We are looking for inspiring and uplifting content to help others find their way through the dark.

We offer paid for down-loadable meditations and an course called 'Remembering your worth'.

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Feminine power: How the woman of the future will improve the world

In order to understand how important it is for a woman to recognize and develop her real abilities and power of the feminine energy, we will have a brief look at a man’s and a woman’s natural roles. As women, we have a crucial role in the life of a man and the whole world because we are that natural source of love and energy for our man and the world. Mary invested the last money she had on one of Zhannabell’s seminars because she wanted to help her mother, who at that time was in a very critical state of health. Today Mary is grateful that she did listen to this silent inner voice and went to Zhannabell’s seminar; it saved her mother’s life.

The Solar Plexus Chakra – Explained by Shakuntali Siberia. ⋆

You can increase the energy in your Manipura chakra by incorporating the Rudra Mudra into your daily practices. The Rudra Mudra is the gesture of strength and corresponds to your solar plexus chakra. Shakuntali Siberia, a women empowerment leader, explains how to increase the energy in your solar plexus chakra by doing the Rudra Mudra. Hold your right-hand level with your solar plexus (about half-way between your heart and your navel) with the back of your hand facing the sky.

When We Feel Guilty for Showing Self-love. Recognising it and Healing it. ⋆

Because we think that it is not acceptable, we sometimes feel guilty for showing self-love. And by seeing ourselves as being selfish, we feel guilty for showing self-love. There is no need to feel guilty for showing self-love. I would love to hear about how you show up and stay present with yourself, and how you handle moments when you feel guilty for showing self-love in the comments.

Exploring Self-love Through Your Senses

The more you start practicing self-love, the more you will realize that you can invite loving yourself into your life in unique, diverse and exciting ways like exploring self-love through your senses. Integrate different smells into your daily life, and especially into those times where you consciously practicing self-love. Show yourself more love by guilt-free eating the things that you enjoy and exploring self-love through your senses. There is a lot of power and, in fact, empowerment in engaging with your body sensually and exploring self-love through your senses.

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