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Extraordinary travel experiences for ordinary people - like me! This is a solo travel blog to share extraordinary places, local businesses, unique hotels & lots of travel tips, giving you everything you need to create these travel moments for yourself too

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Solo Female Travel In Aruba – What You Need To Know & Things To Do

Aruba isn’t just a destination for cutesy couples on their honeymoons. If you’re a solo traveler you can visit and have an extraordinary travel experience too! I certainly did

Jeep Tours In Aruba – Worth It Or A Big Waste Of Money?

It was a 9.5 hour tour, though, in reality, we finished a little earlier, and it included the guided tour, lunch, snorkeling gear, water throughout the day, and pick up and drop off to most main hotels. Though the group in it’s entirety is large – 4 Jeeps in the tour, the group in each Jeep is small, only 8 people in each Jeep, and you have the same group for the whole day. We were able to see a lot during the one day tour and had the added perk of experienced drivers and knowledgable guides who brought the sights to life by sharing the history. I can’t recommend all tour companies, but I absolutely recommend ABC Tours and their Island Ultimate Safari tour.

Where To Stay In Aruba For An Off The Beaten Path Experience

I didn’t go there with the plans of working or blogging anything about the trip, but I ended up finding this real treasure of a family run accommodation on that I wanted to share for anyone who wants to visit and stay outside of the touristy areas. It was away from the touristy areas, quiet, family-run, included breakfast and was right on the water. The hotel is located next to the popular restaurant The Flying Fishbone. Serene By The Sea is a family run hotel and the family that run it are nothing short of amazing.

Washable Paper Towels Review – Plastic Free-ish Challenge Swap #2

Since I swapped to washable puppy pads I started a puppy pad bucket to soak the puppy pads in before I wash them and now that I have been using the washable paper towels, I add them to the puppy pad bucket after I use them and wash everything in the same load. If you’d like to ditch paper towels, you could upcycle old towels by cutting them into paper towel size strips – If you use a sweeper like a Swiffer, you can use the towels instead of buying the Swiffer pads so that is another thing you don’t have to buy any more. I’m certainly happy with the bamboo towels I bought and now I can’t imagine going back to buying regular paper towels.