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5 important digital parenting questions parents should ask themselves

At, you’ll find everything from what other parents are searching for when it comes to digital parenting, to content from trusted organizations like Common Sense Media, PBS Kids, Sesame Workshop, and more, not to mention a wealth of information on specific topics that are important for parents to address with their kids. Once you have a sense of what apps and games your children are playing, as well as what sites they’re visiting, you will have a better idea of what controls you need to be using, and how many limits you need to be setting. Google We’re always happy to find digital parenting resources that help make our job a little easier, which is why we’re excited to tell you about From understanding how to set digital parenting rules to learning about the popular apps and games that kids are using, plus articles and videos on cyberbullying, online learning, screen life balance (you get the idea!), offers the information that parents need, all in one handy place.

7 must-do tips for spring cleaning your inbox

Related: How to never miss an important email again Liz is the type of person who isn’t bothered at all by that little red dot that steadily ticks higher and higher with the sheer number of unread emails, whereas I have to zero out my un-read messages multiple times a day. like her, it’s worth starting your spring off with a fresh inbox using her now-famous zero inbox trick, which helps you archive (not delete) all those piled up messages into a folder for the year. Or, if you’re good at clicking on all those tabs every day, then turn them on to organize by emails related to forums you follow, alerts about bills and receipts, social media alerts, and more. Just know that your group won’t know you’ve muted them, so you might give them a head’s up in case they have any specific action points they’ll expect you to see in the conversation.

9 smart tips for spring cleaning your phone, inside and out.

Start with our tips for the best way to disinfect your phone, from the right wipes to use to the devices that use tech—like using the PhoneSoap (above)—to kill off germs. But I recently took half an hour and followed this clever trick for organizing my apps, and it’s like I have a new phone. If you’ve had any significant changes in your life, like a divorce or death, look through your location sharing apps and make sure you are only sharing your information with people you want to share it with. Think about driving safety apps, like Life360, which share your location as well as the family sharing plans that allow everyone in your family to share purchases.

3 cool ways to play new board games online or old faves with friends

If you’re struggling to find a way to play board games with friends, or you just want to be sure you buy the right games for you, here are three websites where you can play board games online. In simple play, you can choose real time (play right now against someone else) or turn-by-turn (come back to the game to take your turn when it’s convenient…over several days). Then, you can choose if you’re going to play against random users or your actual friends; and then you can even choose if they’re remote or sharing the same screen with you. Although some are limited to users with a premium membership, if you get invited to play by a friend who has the premium membership, you can play even if you don’t.

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