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Here we celebrate books through "Beyond the Book" crafts and activities as well as celebrating all things "mommy".

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"Googly Eye" Chocolate Chip Cookies Inspired by "Angry Cookie" · Book Nerd Mommy

Books that help children with emotional awareness and dealing with big emotions are golden in my eyes and this book is a perfect specimen. Plus, it came at such an opportune time because I was just finishing up fine-tuning my “Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie” recipe. The end result is just as playful and endearing as the book and I just love how well the huge eyes on the cookies and the eyes in the illustrations pair. Now, what if those cookies had eyes that you can’t help but smile when seeing and pair with a book about resolving anger?

The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie Recipe · Book Nerd Mommy

In my opinion they are chocolate chip cookies that are thick, soft yet chewy, have smooth lumps on top, are a light golden brown, balance the dough to chocolate chip ratio and have a buttery flavor that really lets the chocolate chips shine rather than competing with them. However, when I went about trying to find the perfect chocolate chip recipe to satisfy my very specific cravings, I couldn’t find one that was quite right. You don’t have to chill the dough to get perfect cookies from each batch that goes in the oven and every single cookie that comes out is picture perfect and drool-worthily delicious. My favorite brand of shortening for these cookies is Crisco and my favorite brand of semisweet chocolate chips is Nestle and my favorite brand of dark chocolate chips is Ghirardelli.

12+ Of the Best Fiction and Nonfiction Books About Space and The Solar System · Book Nerd Mommy

I am thrilled that astronomy is one of his favorite topics and consider it a pleasure to find him fantastic books that quench his thirst for knowledge about Space. I also love reading him the occasional fictional book centered around space because they are so much fun for him to read and spark his imagination about a topic that is already so full of wonder and mystery. This activity book is packed with activities ranging from traditional “activity book” activities like mazes to more creative activities such as instructions for space related crafts. This book is a fun introduction to different features of space (with nonfiction facts and information tidbits) and has invitations to draw and interact as you move along.

12+ Favorite Dragon Picture Books · Book Nerd Mommy

Then, when I was about ten years old, I fell in love with Dragons as well. In fact, I fell in love with them so hard that they took first place in my “favorites It has a large page spread at the end that you pull out and features some dragons who ultimately find a way to get along with the knights. This is an interactive story that my kids and I can’t get enough of.

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