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Social media #influencer & #Iowa #blogger sharing fun things to do for families at . Contact us at

Location Grimes (near Des Moines), Iowa Midwest
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Love #crazybread #breadsticks, but don't have a place to get it in your area? If so, stop by the blog for our next easy #copycat #recipe. With only 4 ingredients, you'll love this as an #appetizer, #sidedish or a #snack. Stop by the blog at to find out how to make it! #copycatrecipes #pizzanight #pizza #restaurant #recipeoftheday #recipes #recipe #recipeideas

Did you know that you could earn #rewards for used and unwanted clothing, linens, shoes and bags that are just collecting dust in your closet?  I've long been a fan of consignment to stretch our budget, but what about the items that might be in worn condition that a reseller might not accept? @trashie will take them! This unique and environmentally friendly service takes items you no longer need and keeps them out of the landfill.  In return, you receive #TrashieCash that you can redeem with major retailers like Amazon, Target, Sephora + more! All you have to do is order your bags, fill them up and then, scan the QR code on the bag to Register your Take Back Bag with your account. Then drop off your bag at USPS, and receive $30 in TrashieCash per bag to spend. I've recently lost over 50+ pounds and much of my old wardrobe doesn't fit. This is a great way to clean out my closet of items I no longer need. Find out more about how it works and how you can make it part of your #springcleaning at And yes, Gracie helped me pack up my #Trashie bag! #takebackbag #trashie #partnership #dsmhummingbirds

This fun #shark #cocktail is sure to cause a frenzy at your summer gatherings. Stop by the blog at to find out how to make it! #sharkbite #sharks #sharkweek #sharklover #sharklife #cocktails🍹 #cocktailsforyou #cocktailhour #cocktailtime #cocktailsofinstagram #craftcocktails

Do your #tweens and #teens know how to manage their own #money? Knowing about #finances is an important life skill to master before becoming an adult, and I love that our friends at @bankerstrustcompany have programs to help our kids learn about #saving as they grow. With programs for junior savings and checking accounts, #BankersTrust can help you and your family manage money at different levels as they make life transitions to first jobs, college and more. As a #DesMoines area community bank, they have been helping individuals, families, and businesses in Des Moines thrive for more than 100 years. Stop in and see what programs they have that are a fit for you!  #partnership #sponsored #dsmhummingbirds

Ever wanted to make your own lip scrub? It is easier than you think! Stop by the blog at to find out how to make this easy #diy #lipscrub with only 3 ingredients! We also have some great body #scrub #beauty recipes as well! #lipscrubs #lipscrubhomemade #diybeauty #sugarscrub #sugarscrubs

Looking for some fun #appetizer or #snack #recipes for summer #entertaining? If so, be sure to stop by the blog at we have been rolling out lots of fun snack tray and #charcuterie ideas that are perfect for #MemorialDay. #FourthofJuly and all summer long! #snacktray #snacks #snacktime

You may have been #springcleaning your house, but have you tackled your vehicle? Here in the Midwest, that means a car wash and to vacuum out the insides of the car to get out any remaining sand and salt that was tracked into your car during winter.   While you may have taken care of the inside and outside of your car for #spring, did you know that you can #springclean your #fuel choice as well? The next time you #fillup at the #pump, be sure to select #Unleaded88. Not only is it more cost-effective and less expensive, but it's better for the environment. It's also homegrown right here in #Iowa using @iowa_corn  which is a big plus for this #IowaGirl. Look for it where you fill up your vehicle.  #dsmhummingbirds #fuelingthefutureIA #drivecleaniowa #partnership @DRIVECLEANIOWA

Did you know that it is #NationalSmallBusinessWeek? It's a great time to #buylocal and support #smallbusinesses near you! We LOVE all things #lego at @2kidsandacoupon and even have a room just for building. We've acquired our #legocollection lots of different places and now have a newer option close to home. This week, we've partnered with the @urbandalechamber to help spread the word about #buyinglocal and made a special stop into our favorite #DesMoines #Iowa area #Lego retailer @bricksandminifigsdesmoines who is a member of the #urbandalechamber. A great place to buy and sell #legos, they even have fun building opportunities and birthday parties too. Be sure to check them out as well as other #UrbandaleChamber and local #smallbusinesses in your area.  #dsmhummingbirds #UrbandaleChamberofCommerce #partnership #legoinstagram #legocreator #legofan #legogram #legogram #LegoLife #urbandale

#Spring is here, and we have lots of fun #springtime ideas over #ontheblog at We think you will love these cute #fruit #butterflies that take only minutes to make. They're a fun treat for spring and #summer gatherings. #fruitporn #fruitboard #fruits #fruitlovers #fruitlover #fruitplatter #fruittart #fruittray #freshfruit #fruitplate #butterfly

Must Have Baking and Bakery Supplies You Need at Home

If you’re working on your pandemic baking skills, here are some must have baking and bakery supplies you need at home. Bread Making Pans and Knives Pandemic bread making has been all the craze and whether you’re making banana bread, sourdough or another type of bread that suits your fancy, making bread at home during these trying times can be relaxing as well as delicious. If you’re making your own pizza, don’t forget cheese graters, pizza pans, pizza cutters or even a home pizza oven. No matter what delicious things you are cooking up during this time at home, Kerekes / BakeDeco has everything you need for baking and bakery supplies that will make cooking up your favorite treats and meals easier.

Easy Air Fryer Pizza Rills

These easy air fryer pizza rolls can be stuffed with your favorite pizza toppings and dipped into marinara sauce for a delicious appetizer or snack. To make these air fryer pizza rolls you will need a can of jumbo biscuits, cubes of mozzarella cheese, cooking spray and your favorite marinara sauce for dunking. To make this kid-friendly recipe, you will want to spread the biscuits out on a non-stick surface such as a cutting board and slightly flatten them out with a rolling pin. Do you have an air fryer recipe or another type of kid-friendly recipe that you would like to see here on Two Kids and a Coupon?

Basketball OREO Cookies

No matter how you dunk your OREO, right now you have a chance to show off your creative dunking skills to win an experience of a lifetime with a VIP dunking experience with Christina Aguilera or Shaquille O’Neal! There will be 40,000 lucky finalists who have a chance to win one of five VIP Grand Prizes — which is a trip to a celebrity dunking event in NYC or Los Angeles and $2000 spending money! We love to dunk our OREO cookies and to celebrate the OREO Dunk Challenge and upcoming March Madness, we thought we’d share a fun recipe with these Basketball OREO Cookies. Be sure look for a special OREO Dunk Sweepstakes display at your local Walmart store to stock up on OREO cookies for your dunking and for your OREO Cookie Sweepstakes entry!

Fun Outer Space Crafts for Kids to do Together

We’ve been creating some fun projects here at Two Kids and a Coupon that is focused on what’s up beyond the clouds and wanted share these outer space crafts and activities with your family. Easy Alien Spaceship Craft Looking for a fun and easy alien spaceship craft to make with your kids that is out of this world? This easy Earth Moon Sun paper craft is perfect for some out of this world fun when learning about space. Recycled Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Craft Recycle those empty toilet paper rolls into a toilet paper roll rocket craft that is out of this world.

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