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Co-Founders of the award-winning 2foodtrippers site, Daryl and Mindi Hirsch left their comfortable Philadelphia lives in 2016 to travel the world in search of the next great meal. After starting their journey at a breakneck pace, they now travel slowly so they can immerse themselves in each city they visit. This groundbreaking approach enables them to create comprehensive food guides, articles and videos that help travelers find the best food and drinks throughout the world. Many say that they’re ‘living the dream.’ They don’t disagree.

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Boozy Bourbon Eggnog for Two

Records show that founding father George Washington followed an Eggnog drink recipe that included eggs, cream, milk, sugar, brandy, rye whiskey, Jamaican rum and sherry. Like many cocktails, Cointreau makes our Eggnog with bourbon recipe taste just a little bit better. The first step in our Bourbon Eggnog recipe is to vigorously whisk two raw eggs (both egg yolks and egg whites) in a medium mixing bowl. Since this recipe doesn’t require a blender or mixer, you can guess what to do next… Adding freshly grated nutmeg is the last step in our Bourbon Eggnog recipe.

The 25+ Best Donuts in America

This just means we have a good excuse to try donuts at spots like Brooklyn’s Doughnut Plant, Chicago’s Doughnut Vault, Richmond’s Sugar Shack in Richmond and Seattle’s Top Pot in the future. Though we’ve eaten tasty copycats in cities like Barcelona, Cape Town and Nashville, there’s nothing like eating a cronut at cronut’s ground zero. Famous for its peanut stick, a stick-shaped cake donut that’s glazed and covered in crushed peanuts, Paula’s offers 30 donut flavors each day. Since we started in our former home city of Philly, ending at Beiler’s Doughnuts in the city’s Reading Terminal was both fitting and filling.

The 30+ Best Sandwiches in the World

While the Beirute and Bauru are popular Brazilian sandwiches, the African-influenced Acarajé makes us want to fly to Brazil in our ongoing quest to eat the best sandwiches in the world. Eating the Philadelphia food favorite is a must when you visit Philly whether you go to Pat’s King of Steaks, Geno’s Steaks or Tony Luke’s. As for us, our favorite Cheesesteak spots include both Pat’s in the Italian Market and John’s Roast Pork in deep South Philly. While America’s Pulled Pork Sandwich is more about the meat, the focus of Britain’s Pork Bap is the bap (a/k/a the bread).

Gibson Cocktail Recipe

The cocktail appears in multiple episodes in The Queen’s Gambit, a period piece miniseries set in the 1960s. Long before Mad Men debuted on TV, Cary Grant’s Roger Thornhill, another advertising Roger, drank Gibsons in North by Northwest while Betty Davis’ Margo did the same in All About Eve. Our recipe uses a 3 parts gin to 1 part vermouth ratio; however, you can adjust this ratio in either direction when you experiment with the recipe. Once you follow this simple Gibson cocktail recipe, all that’s left is to sit back and sip.

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