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Co-Founders of the award-winning 2foodtrippers site, Daryl and Mindi Hirsch left their comfortable Philadelphia lives in 2016 to travel the world in search of the next great meal. After starting their journey at a breakneck pace, they now travel slowly so they can immerse themselves in each city they visit. This groundbreaking approach enables them to create comprehensive food guides, articles and videos that help travelers find the best food and drinks throughout the world. Many say that they’re ‘living the dream.’ They don’t disagree.

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The 42 Best Soups in the World

Originally a humble dish prepared by gulyás (Hungarian cowherds) out on the range, Goulash is a famous Hungarian dishes that features paprika, Hungary’s most famous spice, as well as ingredients like meat, carrots and potatoes. However, the actual name Chicken Noodle Soup entered the popular lexicon when the Campbell Soup Company renamed their “Noodles with Chicken Soup” to “Chicken Noodle Soup” after a radio announcer misread an add for the Camden company’s famous canned soup in the 1930s. It’s difficult for us to picture eating Tomato Soup on its own since the soup’s sweet tomato flavors harmonize so well with the toasty flavors of fried white bread and cheese. The soup’s melange of ingredients, aside from beef or chicken broth, makes the soup feel utterly Chinese.

Americano Cocktail Recipe

Equally rich in color and featuring two Italian liquors, both Campari cocktails taste like an Italy in a glass. According to cocktail lore, the Americano was born in the 1860s when Gaspare Campari (yes, that Campari) added soda water to a Milano-Torino cocktail at his bar in Milan. Although mixologists later added gin to create the Negroni in the 20th century, the Campari Americano lives on in both its Italian homeland and around the world. The first step is to peel a strip of peel from an orange and create an orange twist.

The Best Fried Chicken in America and Beyond

… So Far While the American south is a mecca for fried chicken fans, it’s not the only place to eat great fried chicken in the USA. After eating America’s best fried chicken in multiple cities both above and below the Mason-Dixon line, we’re partial to the following southern cities when we suffer from fried chicken cravings: A safe place for multi-racial dignitaries to dine together during volatile times, the restaurant served fried chicken, fried green tomatoes, fried catfish, turnip greens, boiled okra, mac & cheese and peach cobbler to the likes of Elvis Presley, Isaac Hayes and Martin Luther King. Once you’ve eaten traditional southern fried chicken, hot chicken, fried chicken sandwiches, chicken on waffles and chicken wings, you may be satisfied.

Gambas al Ajillo Recipe

To make this dish, cooks sauté garlic and shrimp in spicy olive oil (we infuse our oil with a small chili pepper) along with pimenton (Spanish smoked paprika). Called Gambas a la Aguillo in Portugal, the dish is about as simple as it gets with garlic cooked until it’s super dark, a touch of fresh piri-piri, olive oil and beautiful plump shrimp. We use fresh piri-piri pepper, a small chili originally cultivated in Africa, when we make Gambas al Ajillo at home. As for the beverage, we recommend serving and eating Gambas al Ajillo with dry white wine.

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