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Intimate Austin Wedding

cummings recited at ours, and it’s a favorite among some of my couples), similar style choices or cake flavor choices or backgrounds For Joanna and Amaury’s wedding, it was definitely the feel of the celebration: Joanna and Amaury were wed at the top of a hill in a tiny chapel, and both bride and groom wept happily when they first saw their beloved at the other end of the aisle. While their multilingual guests drove out to a rented house for the reception, we hung back and took a few photos with a fancy Cobra roadster (borrowed from a family member).

Sekrit Theater Session

Vanessa and Jerry got married ten (! ! ! ) years ago on Maui, and wanted to commemorate their decade-long anniversary with a session in Austin. They chose Sekrit Theater specifically for the beautiful greenhouse and then we made our way over to downtown for photos with their two pups. Though the sky threatened rain a little, it didn’t do much but drizzle on us, and made for cool, moody light in the Sekrit greenhouse, so I’m happy.

Behind the Scenes in 2018

This year I discovered Gap legging pants, which feel like yoga pants, and ramped up my use of collared sleeveless shirts. I’d enjoyed Uniqlo pants before, but the Gap ones are a little less legging-with-pockets-like and look similar to slacks, so I made a switch. My Best Of 2018 post will be coming soon, so enjoy this short trailer before the main attraction! I can’t recall if I delivered this one, though, since I usually get a good processional shot from the ground and the bird’s-nest shot is best for the bridal processional with the veil.

Krause Springs Engagement Session

Because of their love of nature, Lauren and James had their heart set on a session at Krause Springs in Spicewood. I can’t stress how gorgeous this place is, and since we were some of the few people there, we also explored the butterfly garden, a spot that’s often overlooked because of the pools but is totally enchanting. Every photographer should be blessed with a couple who trusts them completely; I had floated the idea of Lauren and James dipping their feet into the springs at the end of the session and had suggested they bring towels just in case. When I saw the above shot in my head, I knew I had to take a chance and ask if they’d submerge completely (it was the only way to get to the rock underneath the mossy overhang), and they unhesitatingly said yes.

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