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Providing a Christian perspective on video games and Christian game servers.

Location Lake Villa, IL
Country United States
Member Since AUGUST 02, 2018
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Happy Mother's Day

Use the Boombox to smash your opponents, capture their tiles and dominate the arena! Customize your bike in every single detail, making it a reflection of your riding style and of your own personality. One big, bad, player-controlled Boss goes against a team of Vikings This stunning collection of three authentic Bally™ tables includes BLACK ROSE™, ATTACK FROM MARS™, and THE PARTY ZONE™.

Happy Easter!

​RAINSWEPT is an adventure game - A murder mystery dealing with themes of love, relationships and unresolved trauma. STEINS;GATE ELITE follows a rag-tag band of tech-savvy young students who discover the means of changing the past via e-mail using a modified microwave. A Story About My Uncle is about a boy who searches for his lost uncle, and ends up in a world he couldn’t imagine existed.

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Last Stanza is a slice of life, dramatic visual novel that deals with the consequences of a tragic event from different perspectives. Scour the map for minerals, upgrade your gear, and attempt to blow up the opposing team. Cefore is a physics-based puzzler with a whimsical and simplistic art-style. Lydie and Sue are twin sisters who live in the Kingdom of Adalet, and they aim to make their atelier the best atelier in the kingdom.

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