Ms. Regina Bowie

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Friendly, open person. Wisely opinated with a positive twist. I see things from many different prospectives. Star Trek Trekkie, Sci-Fi Writer, Artist, Musician, self-advocate, Advocate, A different kind of mom. Social Influencer. Beginner Brander. I really like to try products and honest reviews that are positive but honest. I have more talents than one can begin to describe too. Due to legal reasons I cannot legally marry. I only had a mock wedding to celelbrate our lifetime partnership infront of our families this last August. I loved designing and implimenting my ceremony with some help. I have a new interest in wedding photography. designing weddings too. I am almost willing to try different avenues of my career since i am revammping my whole career to see what I really like to do since I am an artist creator with many different talents. I am aslo very good with my steady hands too. Talented with color palets and patterns too. I do like food and fashion very much too.

Location Presque Isle, ME United States
Country United States of America
Member Since MARCH 26, 2020
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This is the most recent picture of me. No pressure no worries. I finally did it. I just put out the first part of my new business that has been months in the making. There will be more soon. What is the goal here? I won't mention it for the time being as I haven't fully figured it out yet. Why should I buy from you or your company is what a lot of people ask. For a couple of years, I have been plagued with tinnitus which affects all the jobs that I have had. So have decided to switch gears and to sell my art/photos online. To also show my new computer graphics skills. I will post more content as I create it. This has been months in the making. Thank you for taking a look at my first post in quite a while. 🎹😮😊👌

I sang with the #lovesongchallenge. Can I do better!

This is a long time coming but I have decided to start selling my artwork too. Most of it is unframed. The artwork on the bottom is going to somewhere.

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