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✨ FASHION | SARCASM | THE OCCASIONAL PUPPY 🐶 ✨ A gal with big ideas and her creative husband 💕 ✨ Professional baby saver 👶🏻 (NICU nurse)

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Me January through November: a mess Me in December: a christmess ⁣ More discussion on reels below 👇🏻 ——— ⁣ Jumping off of Monday’s discussion, I had a thought! From the same article, I learned that there is a group of people at Instagram who are picking and choosing reels to boost and that they favor ones that are made and edited inside the actual app. Makes sense 🤷🏼‍♀️ ⁣ ..except I HATE the reels maker 😩 It just doesn’t offer all of the tools that I need to create the content that I want to! Am I alone!? If you had the option to add or change anything what would it be? A few of mine are here: (take notes @instagram 🤪) ⁣ 1] I want a countdown timer that leads me in with my music so that I can dance and lipsynch without having an awkward shot of me hitting the record button 2] I wish that we could change around the order of the different videos we take (a simple drag and drop option would be sufficient) 3] I need more time! 😳 Even 45 secs would be cool! ⁣ Okay, that’s enough complaining from me (for now 😂) Let me hear yours!

January 2020 Stitch Fix

received: 5, every time Cost: $20 per box (which is credited towards any items you buy) + the cost of whatever items you decide to keep. Courtney suggested pairing this sweater with the jeans below for some “bold” pattern play, but I don’t think that even I am that bold! I don’t own too many high waisted jeans, but I’ve really started to like them. Don’t forget: if you use this link in the next 24 hours you receive $75 towards your first Fix!

Taking this whole “walking in someone else’s shoes” thing to a new level 👞 ⁣ At least mine are cute 😝 @justfabonline #justfabpartner ——— ⁣ If you were able to catch my stories this weekend you saw that I posted an article that was written by a creator who was able to interview an Instagram employee over the phone about the algorithm ⁣ (Disclaimer: this article was posted in a FB group that I help moderate. I did not follow this specific creator myself prior to finding this article. While the information was verified by other creators in the group, I have never spoken with Instagram myself) ⁣ In this interview the Instagram employee stated that one of the top ways to get noticed right now is to, unsurprisingly, create reels! In fact, they suggested posting 4 - 7 a week (😱) but also stated that as long as you post at least 1 you should see a rise in reach. The writer also cautioned that posting 0 reels could result in reach being dampened ⁣ Have you hopped on the reels train yet? I love making them so much, but they’re so time consuming! 😂 #feelthereel Sound off below if you have some reels that you’re proud of so that I can go show them some love! ⁣ 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

Valentine’s Day Outfits for any Occasion

I normally wear a size 0/XS in dresses, but since this item only comes as small as a S, that’s what I purchased. It comes in 10 different colors and ranges from sizes XS – XXL. They range in size from XS – XXL and I found them to be true to size. I plan to size up a half size to a 7 for a more comfortable fit.

Santa, baby, are you sure you don’t need to check that list a third time? 😏 ——— ⁣ Happy Christmas everyone! 🎄🎁 ⁣ The greatest present is having such amazing friends as yourselves to spend time on this app with 💕 ⁣ #tistheszntocreate

Our Engagement Story

Matt’s sister had just gotten married in July, and two of my best friends had gotten engaged earlier in the summer. But like I said, we were celebrating our late anniversary, and my husband is a romantic, so large gestures like this were not exactly uncommon (humble brag, haha). I had no idea what finger this ring was supposed to go on, but luckily my husband had done the minimal necessary research required to put the engagement ring on the correct finger. If you’d like to read more posts like this in the future let me know by commenting below!

Just me trying to get the rest of my Fall content in before the holidays 😂🍂 ——— ⁣ Thanks for helping me choose which photo to post today through stories! 🥰 Did you enjoy getting to have a say? Should we do this more often? The funny part is that I was originally going to post this photo, but then I talked myself into thinking that it wasn’t as good as the other one! I’m so glad that I asked because otherwise my feed would have never seen this shot 😱 ⁣ ICYMI: I posted a reel yesterday with a tutorial for creating rainbow text in stories 🌈 Would you like to see more tips and tricks like these? 😁 . . . . . #howihue #colorfulcreators #colorfulcontentcreators #chattycaptioncommunity #theeverydaygirl #everysquareastory #colourmyeverday #myaesthetic #dailydoseofcolor #colorcolourlovers #happycreativesclub #heytherecreators #beccausewecreate #enchantedcreators #thecaptionclub

Top Sellers of 2019

They come in four different color combinations, in case rose gold isn’t your thing (but let’s me honest, it’s everyone’s things). They’re currently buy 1, get 1 50% off, which is great because there are 4 colors to choose from and I want to get him them all. I wear a bralette and some Spanx shorts underneath to preserve a little bit of modesty, because this romper is SHORT, but other than that I think that this is absolutely adorable. This dress would be great for a winter cocktail party and comes in 9 different colors, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

This pandemic was the best thing to ever happen for BMO 🐶 JK, she’s been sick of me since before this even began 🤦🏼‍♀️ Swipe to see what I mean 🙄

To all of the people who think I’m savage for making my husband wrap his own Christmas present: I am 💁🏼‍♀️ ——— ⁣ Lol but nooooo 🙈 He actually bought it himself as well so it’s fiiiiine.. I think 😅 Tell me your thoughts below, savage or sensible 👇🏻😂 ⁣ PS - I uploaded our Year 2 reel yesterday and I promise we are still very much as in love now as we were back then 🥰 ⁣ #tistheszntocreate @picsart

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