Pastor Caleb

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A ministry where the word is preached for practical application. Check out our website for further information. Se habla espanol..

Location Chesapeake, VA
Country United States
Member Since MAY 04, 2020
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We have moved...

From time to time, we will continue to post some new materials, but we have moved. Many of you have been blessed by our messages and we thank God for your prayerful support. It has been a great blessing, but going with word press is a notch above. Again, from time to time, we will continue to stay with Google, but most of our future messages will be through word press.

The tree of Life...

Why was the second tree called the knowledge of good and evil? Because God did not want Adam and Eve to know Evil. They were blessed with knowing only good and the word of God says... When we do things our way, it may be a good thing, but not in God's sight.

Our Afternoon service..

Don't allow the enemy to steal your identity. Don't allow the enemy to steal your identity. Renew your mind and move from the time zone to the God zone. Joshua spoke to the sun and moon and stopped time thru the power of God.

Pastor's Thoughts.

I was getting disappointed at the lack of support from my Spanish ministry. All of a sudden, God took me back and reminded me that there was going to be a tsunami of Spanish speaking believers coming to my church. God, also, told me to speak life to my Spanish-speaking ministry and get to work. I, also, need your prayers because I might be taking my social security retirement in order to spend more time in ministry.

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