Ben Potts

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I make my bed every day.

Member Since MAY 06, 2020
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Just me and my cold plunge. Day 1 of many. Thanks @aldojax for the recommendation and encouragement.

It feels too soon to already be saying this, but goodbye Bravo and may you rest in peace. You were a good fish and you will always be remembered.

Thanks @travelandleisure and @capitalone for having @unfilteredhospo. Happy to be anyone's tour guide while they're in #miami!

It still doesn't seem real that you're gone. We were just planning lunch two days ago. I don't think it's really registered with me yet. I don't know if it's denial or disbelief. You were such an integral part of the development of Miami's cocktail culture, a mentor to many, and a truly kind person who cared about others and his city. Thank you for everything you've given us and for your unconditional friendship. I will miss you and your energy very much my friend.

Alpha Betta Potts ??? - 11.19.2022 He was a good fish. He brought me a lot of joy and taught me to think of beings other than myself. Thank you for bringing him into my life @maybe_its_jebelean and thank you for being a great fish mom @rosiesugrue I hope you're blowing all the bubbles in fish heaven, buddy. See you in another life.

I know everyone says this, but I think I actually do have the best mother on Earth. I love you, Mom. You inspire me every day to be a better person and to make you proud. Happy Mother's Day to you -- the best little mommy in the universe.

Long, somewhat heartfelt post ahead. TLDR: IT'S OUR TWO YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY TONIGHT @thesylvesterbar AND I WANT YOU TO COME. Three years ago, I opened The Sylvester with @rani_ragno , @derek_stilmann , and my @beakerandgray family. I was coming off one of the most humbling and best learning experiences of my life, Boombox. (It was fucking horrible, but hey.) After one extremely successful year, a global pandemic shuttered our doors for over a year. One year ago (roughly), @bar_life101 and @renselito (and of course @guibme ) helped me re-open The Sylvester for essentially the third time. Well, they fucking killed it. I'm proud, excited, hungover sometimes, and all around ecstatic to confidently say I have one of the best bars in my city (to me and maybe a few other people, at least) and without question a dedicated team to give all of the credit to. Come celebrate the four walls we call our bar and these fucking Rockstars that make it happen for our Three minus One (or Two) year anniversary tonigt. They deserve it and so do you. Thank you all for making me the happiest boy alive. Oh, yeah. Drinks on me and @verofromthesea from 7 to 10. Let's gooooo! Special thanks to (in no particular order and I'm sorry if I forgot anyone) @rbrtrmr @luiz_zzz @robbyvalls @patrickkukec @meda_xo @tanga__tang @bieke________ @lukasgarciao @transmute @naimas_notes @josue.allday @maybe_its_jebelean @danbink @bookleggerslibrary If I forgot you, I'll tag you in the comments. I love you all.

#ad In celebration of Miami Spirit, my signature @donjuliotequila Tropideco cocktail stirs with the spirit of the magic city and one of its most magical styles, Tropical Art Deco. Take a sip and stop by @showfields to see the stunning artwork it inspired. Sun’s out, fun’s out as @ketelonebotanical mixes up a most spirited #miamispirit celebration with their Sun & Citrus cocktail. Let the tangy grapefruit and spicy jalapeno take you away to the perfect Miami Day and stop by @showfields to see what it stirred up. #miamispirit comes alive as coconut, lime, and the throes of passion(fruit) stir up a most delicious ode with the @johnniewalkerus Magic City Highball. Dive into the spirit and stop by @showfields to see what it stirred up. 3 brands, 3 cocktails, 3 artists in 1 most interesting celebration of Miami and all its wonders Join me at @showfields as @jessynite @locastro and @rosesetpivoines show off all that these #miamispirit cocktails have made for Miami. Now through September. In paid partnership with @donjuliotequila

Last year I got to celebrate with a few close friends and it was absolutely wonderful. This year I want to celebrate with more close friends. Pick your day -- Weds or Sat or both and come party with me on your own time. See you @thesylvesterbar ! 🎂 🎉

Father of the year. 📸 @areindeer

The only thing I like more than Sundays are Sundays on my balcony with a glass of whiskey. Today I'm enjoying The Busker Irish whiskey (@thebusker_official). Their blend is great on the rocks and even better on my balcony -- I'm loving the start with tropical fruit and baking spice in my tropical habitat and the mellow finish. It's Sunday, so I figured I'd just #buskit #sponsored

After over a year I'm extremely proud to announce that we're reopening @thesylvesterbar for the THIRD time. With @bar_life101 at the helm and @renselito leading the bar team, we're ready to rock starting today. @josue.allday will also be providing cultural flair as well as @guibme as resident step-dad -- it's going to be pretty awesome. We're opening with a brand new cocktail and food menu as well as a partially abbreviated schedule. I can't wait to have you all back at our home. #anotherdayinparadise

I love you too @keepingpupwithaspen

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