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Mom of two on a journey to overall wellness (mind, body, spirit) with a life filled with lots of laughs, wine, and food. I am a mental health warrior, an advocate for self care, and the overall embracing of the chaos of life. We are all in this life together, let's make it fun and worth it!

Location Melbourne, FL United States
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It's December!? How?! 😮😅 . The weather is also reminding me of that fact since the kids and I are FREEZING our Florida blooded butts off. We tried a bike ride this morning and that was a terrible idea 🤣 . I would usually be surrounded by Christmas cheer in my home, but since we JUST moved all our other boxes have taken precedent. Hoping to get through a good chunk this week and have Christmas stuff up by this weekend! 🤞 . Now off to my two mile long to do list! Happy December y'all! 🎄 . #bloggerbree #december #countdowntochristmas #movingishard #somanyboxes #wheredidthetimego #cold #floridian #florida #floridablood #momblogger #momlife #embracethechaos

I have so much to be thankful for ❤️ . Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Happy Friday! 🤗 . I knew the weather would be iffy today and the kids are restless so I decided to throw together a quick Thanksgiving craft. . All you need is paper lunch bags, construction paper, scissors, googly eyes, glue sticks and a little patience 😂 . If you swipe you can see that my kiddos needed a snack break halfway through which cracked me up 😜 . What's your favorite way to pass the time a dreary days? 🌫️ . #bloggerbree #crafts #kidscrafts #turkey #thanksgiving

It's hump day! 🐪 Did you try something new today? . While there may have been no camel riding today there sure was horseback riding (and some snuggles)! 🐴 . This was our first time at @laportefarms and it did not disappoint. We will definitely be back! . The kids had a blast seeing and interacting with all the animals from horses, zebras, geese, goats, cats, llamas, birds and more. All the employees were very friendly and the place was spic and span 🤗 . I was SHOCKED with Adele's love for horses! This goes to show that your children will always surprise you 🥰 . Have you been? If not, you need to go! . #bloggerbree #bloggerlife #familytime #funwithfriends #laportefarms #horses #horsebackriding #farm #animals #spacecoast #iloveflorida #florida #sebastianfl #familyfriendly #toddlerapproved #momsdayout #playdate #fall #fallfun #isitchristmasyet

Do you have a zoo near you that you love? 🦒🦘🦜🦓 We sure do! @brevardzoo holds a special place in my heart since I've been going since I was a kid. I remember going there for an overnight girl scout field trip! 🤩 . They have made so many great improvements since then and I can't wait for my kiddos to make all their own fun memories and learn about our world. . Check out the giraffes! Wyatt wasn't quite so sure about feeding them by hand. The tongue touched the lettuce and if you swipe you can see the moment he says "nope" and let's go 😂 Adele loved it and did a great job though! (Peep the piece of lettuce on the ground that Wyatt dropped too haha) . We are off on a different (but still animal related) adventure tomorrow! . How are you making life an adventure this week? . #bloggerbree #zoo #brevardzoo #brevard #spacecoast #weloveourzoo #familyfun #funwithfriends #giraffe #blogger #makelifeanadventure #toddlerlife #boymom #girlmom #momblogger

Happy Monday 🌺 . Find joy in the little things just like my sweetie and this flower. "Mommy can I take a picture with it?! 😍 . #bloggerbree #monday #thelittlethings #findjoy #flower #hibiscus #cutie #mondaymood

Today was a pretty darn good day. . Not going to sugar coat it... It's been rough lately with all we have going on (personally and the world) and Wyatt is full blown "YES I AM TWO NOW! CAN YOU TELL!?" mode most of the time. My sanity was being stretched to the furthest extent and I knew I needed to step back moment and reflect. . Yes, there were MANY times today that I wanted to pull my hair out. I could choose to focus on those things or take a closer look at my day and see what brought me joy, what was accomplished and what made me proud. . If you can think of any one of those listed then I call it a win. What brought you joy today? 🥰 . #bloggerbree #joy #momlife #smiles #momblogger #siblinglove #toddlerlife #humpday #cutenessoverload #reflect #inspire #sunshine

Totally forgot to share my obligatory "I voted" picture after I voted early. Have to make sure it counts right? 😜 . I thought the shirt I wore was the perfect choice to wear when voting. Thanks @purpleallig8r 😘 . In all seriousness, I sincerely hope that everyone excercised their right by voting. Now remember... We are all people and will be interacting in the community in some way. So, BE A NICE HUMAN. ✌️ . Now to go watch something fun/stupid/silly and just wait to see what happens. A drink of choice would be nice too 😂 . #bloggerbree #vote #civicduty #excerciseyourright #herewego #florida #spacecoast #vote2020 #presidentialelection #beanicehuman #bekind

#nofilter on this morning showing the face of anxiety. This was a little bit ago at the end of a terrible morning filled with anxiety ridden symptoms that were so severe I couldn't get out of bed. . @seabanddanmark on my wrists, @planttherapy essential oils inhaled and rubbed on my body, Klonopin on deck, homeopathic remedies being used and now I'm finally feeling more like myself. I don't always use ALL of them at once, but you gotta do what you gotta do to get going for the day. . I had a rough night of insomnia and tummy pains (I'm thinking due to trigger food for me) and woke up starving. I ate breakfast that my husband was so amazing to go pick up for us and then it was aaaaalll down hill from there. . Our bodies are constantly changing and most people will get little signs of that... My body is dealing with tons of stress plus I'm definitely having some hormonal fluctuations that are evident just by my current complexion... 😔 All of this plus severe lack of sleep is the recipe for anxiety attack disaster 😬 . Most days aren't like this and I am able to function with just a little help from oils or my Rx on my more rough days. Since having children it's been a challenge finding different ways of coping. I know I will figure it out and be feeling myself more days than not soon! . I am just happy that I am now able to get up and start doing all my things on my to do list. I will NOT let my anxiety define me and defeat me. I am strong and can push through. . Check my stories for one way I make myself feel more "human" again. . One last note, I don't speak about this for ANY type of sympathy. I speak out to end the stigma related to mental illness. More people than you know deal with these types of things EVERY DAY and you would never know. I am on and off at a 6 for nausea and a 4 for dizziness but, to be honest, that's normal for me most days. It's "funny" what you can get used to 🤷‍♀️ . Now to my to do list! ✔️ . #bloggerbree #anxiety #endthestigma #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealth #generalizedanxietydisorder #gad #insomia #panicattacks #youarestrong #yougotthis #hormones

It's not the prettiest gin + tonic (gotta work with what ya have 😂), but I had to have one on #internationalginandtonicday ! 😁 . Of course I used @staugustinedistillery gin, but wishing I had their amazing tonic to go with it!! . What are you drinking tonight? You better believe I'll be having some tea after this 😂 . #bloggerbree #drinks #ginandtonic #ginandtonictime #gin #staugustinedistillery #cocktails

Living the #floridalife this morning visiting the beach to walk around with the family searching for treasures 🐚🌊 . I love this life with my little family 💕 . #bloggerbree #floridafall #spacecoast #beach #beachdays #beachhair #allsmiles #familytime #sunday #sunshinestate #sundayfunday #handsomehubby

#nationaldessertday was yesterday and somehow I missed it!? Who am I? 😂😜 . I'm making up for it today by making my Dark Chocolate Almond Flour Mug Cake 🤤 . Not only does this satisfy my sweet tooth but it does so without refined sugar. Today I used @lilys_sweets semi sweet chips (I usually use dark chips but the store was out) and doubled the recipe 🙈😂 I had a severe chocolate craving 🤷‍♀️ . Want to try it out yourself? It literally only takes 30 seconds in the microwave so why not! I've added the link in my profile 😉 . #bloggerbree #mugcake #lilyschocolate #darkchocolate #cake #mug #almondflour #easy #sweettooth #instafood #dessert #chocolate #norefinedsugar

Happy 6th anniversary to my best friend and kooky partner in this crazy life! 😍 . This year has been especially insane with EVERYTHING going on, but we will have our dream house so soon and I am so proud of that accomplishment that we have made together! I'm sure we will stomp the rest of the goals we have for ourselves! . I can't wait for all the adventures in our future we will have together and as a family 🥰 . 9 years together, 6 years married and forever to go! 💕 . #bloggerbree #anniversary #weddinganniversary #6years #sixyears #husbandandwife #besthusbandever #iloveyou #mykook #partnerinlife #bestdadever #handsome #lunchdate #werecute #crushinggoals #ourfuturesarebright

Today was #worldmentalhealthday and I've been trying to think of the words to say... . I've struggled with Generalized Anxiety Disorder my whole life and while it's not something I'm embarrassed about it's not something I will go shouting from the rooftops. Like most people who are burdened with any mental health struggle I tend to put on a brave face even at my worst. I have had my days, weeks or even years where I have been feeling "better" while other times it feels like every day is a heavy weight to lift. It ebbs and flows. . Yes making self-care a priority is wonderful, essential and a great help for mental health (like taking naps when you need them, like Wyatt here 😉). More importantly is the people you surround yourself with. Your support system. Loved ones to lean on and vent to without judgement, a great doctor you can trust, a counselor to open up to if you feel like you can't share with anyone else. Do you have this support system? I hope you do 💕 . There is still stigma surrounding mental health and I strive to be an advocate to stop that. . I have been beyond lucky/blessed to have those people in my life who love me for everything that I am. I am thankful for them EVERY day. I wrote a blog post on this day last year to thank anyone who has been there for someone who struggles. I have linked it in my profile titled "A Thank You". . If you need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to message me to talk about ANYTHING. 🥰 . #bloggerbree #mentalhealth #mentalhealthmatters #anxiety #generalizedanxietydisorder #gad #thankful #mentalhealthadvocate #endthestigma #thankyou #supportsystem #blogpost #selfcare #takecareofyourself #panicattacks #mentalhealthday #bekind

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