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I'm a homeschool mom of 5 who doesn't do complicated! I like making it all as easy and inexpensive as I can. I'd rather be reading! :-)

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Homeschooling High School at Great Homeschool Conventions

high school — sessions that will answer your fears and your questions, the ones you know about AND the ones you haven’t realized you have yet! Well, bring your teen to GHC this year and set them loose in the Real Faith for the Real World Teen Track, and then you can be free to pursue what YOU are interested in. Jean Burk, mentioned above, has several sessions about homeschooling high school, not just about preparing for the SAT but also about transcripts, scholarships, and even a session called High School 101 that covers many of the questions I know you might have right now. One is about the common fears that people have about homeschooling high school, another is about the nuts and bolts of homeschooling high school (the how-to’s of just about everything from soup to nuts! ), and the third is about how to prepare for high school when your kids are still in middle and elementary school.

What to Expect When Dropping Off Your College Freshman

And while I can’t lessen the pain for anyone else, I thought it might be helpful to give college parents a heads-up about what they can expect when they take their beloved child to college for freshman year. This time our list included Lactaid (#3 forgot her supply at home), a desk lamp (not provided in the dorm), a power strip (ditto), bed pillows (couldn’t fit them in the car, lol), and an umbrella. This time we thought our child was confident, moving ahead through the orientation process like a duck in water, only to find out later that she was petrified the entire time. Mine tends to get very quiet; and if I’m being self-centered, I’ll read that as not paying attention to me or not being considerate in conversation – but in reality he is suffering and having a hard time holding it together.

How to Get a Homeschool High School Diploma

Well, I don’t know the exact gory details of how my public high school obtained all those diplomas, but the general idea is this: they had them printed somewhere. But if you want the diploma to be special, to be a reflection of pride for the accomplishment of graduating high school, to be something your child can keep and cherish through adulthood, I have a better idea than any of those options. You don’t need anyone else to tell you that your kid deserves a homeschool high school diploma. Get yours from for what I think is the best way to provide a tangible sense of closure to the high school years and is fully representative of the value of the accomplishment.

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