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I bombed in an interview I asked for, employee wants to skip lunch and leave early every day, and more — Ask a Manager

I’m a big fan of just putting it out there, on the theory that if they don’t like your thought process on something like this, that might be a sign that they won’t like it on other things too, and better to just be transparent and figure out if that works for them or not. (I mean, don’t reschedule so quickly that you don’t have time to thoroughly prepare — but don’t stall just because it feels awkward.) Hopefully you won’t get job offers on the exact same day or need to give notice on the exact same day, so whoever accepts an offer first will give notice first, making no mention of the other person. I’ve been asked to give a reference for two people for the same job I work in a fairly competitive, but still small, field, where getting a job is all about who you know.

my coworkers keep praising my work bully, emergency bathroom use during interviews, and more — Ask a Manager

Your division head is a bit of a jerk; just because she’d like to work from home but for some reason can’t doesn’t mean that it’s not a viable option for anyone, and she’s really behind the curve on this. Letting sick people work from home isn’t about factually proving they’re definitely getting others sick; it’s about taking sensible precautions that any sixth grader could understand. My partner’s last-minute work changes are wreaking havoc on my schedule I work from a home office. But they’re not expecting anything from you; they deal with him, and they assume he will work out family issues himself (including speaking up if he’s being asked to do things he can’t do).

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