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Author, Keynote Speaker, Studier of Influence. Instagram is focused on bourbon! Digital Lead at @TeamCornett. Host of a marketing podcast. (https://t.co/LIxYItEKcv)

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Memphis bourbon from my sisters. Huling Station very small batch, 100 proof. Can’t wait to give it a try! #bourbon #bourbongram #memphis #memphisbourbon #whiskey #whiskeygram

Is Influencer Marketing Just Social SEO?

I know you started off in PR and have spent a good portion of your career focused on luxury brands I’ve always felt like luxury brands particularly beauty and fashion brands have been ahead of the game in the influencer world. But I think when you start to think much more strategically, not only about the influencer space, but social media in general, and the role that that will start doing well, increasingly, I believe, play and in your marketing method in your brand, mix it in your customer relationship management program and everything else, then you really start to see, as you know, these are it And we certainly again, do you try to educate our clients to consider sales despite everything that I’ve said about it being short term, I think in isolation it is but as part of a longer term commitment to working with influencers, no, absolutely does need to figure that and but on the other hand, if we’re working with a new brand, that’s trying to establish His presence, a brand that’s trying to enter a new market or target a new audience group and then much more focused on brand awareness, and they’re at that stage of the funnel, then we wouldn’t necessarily often we wouldn’t look so much to include all of those, you know, tips and tricks that are going to secure your sales. Don’t waste people’s time, you know, make sure you’ve written a considered brief, make sure you’ve done your due diligence in your approaches data lead, and you understand that actually, the influencer that you’re going to approach about this campaign is actually likely to say yes, and be aligned with you.

A Christmas Story. Because. #movienight #youllputyoureyeout

How and When to Scale Influence Marketing Programs

Depending on what you’re asking, and what level of chance you’re willing to take by sending product without guarantees of the influence targets using it, you may also need a budget to pay for the influence engagement. If you can’t just send a spreadsheet to shipping and have them take care of it, you’ll need to coordinate shipment or delivery of the product, communication with the influencers and the like. All the other ducks in a row – Suffice to say you’ll need a good strategy, a compelling offer, assets to provide the influencers, a way to measure and track their contributions and the like. There’s a balancing act you must perform between how many influence partners you’re using and how much legwork you can muster and still handle your regular duties, so you’ll need to constantly gut-check your human resources to add more.

Excited to launch a new website design today! Brought the book (due Feb. 23) and the podcasts forward and redesigned with the book/podcast branding aligned. Hat’s off to @rvtechsolutions for the work and @jess.amburgey for making me look good in the photography! Check it out at jasonfalls.com.

The American Influencer Council, Influencer Marketing's Trade Association

And so we curated, you know, all of the top resources available so that creators wouldn’t have to do the work, we as a team did the heavy lifting, and we’re working on launching in q1, which I’m so excited a health and safety, Task Force, and we’ll be doing some lives and our Creator Lunch and Learn, which is part of initiative part of our Learning and Development Committee, we’ll be having some cool and exciting conversations cuz creators in the health care, which I’m sure you’ve seen, Jason, this sector for creators has been so relevant and so important. , then I think, you know, creators can have a better understanding of the value they can drive from the content that they’re creating, and you won’t see, you know, younger influencers, doing things that sort of jeopardize the integrity of the whole industry, because you have, you know, younger creators who are doing things like, you know, buying fake followers writing sponsored on content that’s not sponsored. I think you’re really off base, because I think if you if it also depends on which channel because if you take a platform, like tic tock, which has a creator first algorithm, you know, you have, you know, take like a Charlie Demillio, who reached 100 million followers, you have creators who are growing at a rapid speed and building tremendous communities, who are, you know, very loyal, you know, when you are able to build a community that’s very loyal to you, and then you’re able to then, you know, get brands to tap into that very loyal community, that’s going to drive purchase intent, right? And the other thing that I really like about the industry is the vendors and the software companies that are out there, sort of helping the brands and agencies along and helping the creators along, are starting to sub categorize influencers and say, Hey, you know, a social influencer isn’t the same thing as a primary content creator, which isn’t the same thing as an industry analyst, which isn’t the same thing as a brand personality, someone who’s an influencer because they’re at a company.

After 200+ interviews and more appearances as an interviewee, I’ve compiled a list of tips for anyone who might be a guest on a #podcast or doing #interviews. Link in bio or http://jason.online/goodguest #pr #publicrelations #media #mediatraining #podcasting #podcasttips

Five Influence Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021

Or, I can spend $500 on a single post from a micro-influencer with 25,000 followers, and a 1.8 percent engagement rate and reach 450 people. Then I can use my $4,500 left over to put paid spend behind the micro-influencer’s more engaging content and reach 450,000 people (at a modest, $10 CPM). Would you rather spend $5,000 to reach 500 people with mediocre content or 450,000 people with measurably better content? Now imagine the value of the micro-influencer’s content if their engagement rate was more like 3-5 percent?Influence marketing optimization exists where authentic, engaging content and paid media amplification overlap.

I’m optimistic we’ll move past COVID soon but hopeful virtual events continue to be popular. I enjoy connecting, learning and teaching from the home studio. #speaking #keynotespeaker #webinar #marketingspeaker #virtualevents

Doing some homework. #bourbon #whiskey #bourbongram #whsikeygram #vanwinkle #pappy #pappyvanwinkle #writing #wrightthompson

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