Jay Beco

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Husband, Dad, Gamer, Basketball Coach

Location Whitby, ON Canada
Country Canada
Member Since OCTOBER 05, 2022
Social Audience 100K
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Baby girl's 1C🙏

Tag that one friend/coworker that keeps stealing your food #food #cheetos #friends #hoopers #friendsthatsteal 📷 Madison (don't know your @) 😅

🎄🎅🎁 Christmas Kiddos ❤️❤️❤️

STORY TIME: It's crazy where life takes us. I was born in Toronto but I grew up in a city 30 mins outside of Chicago. Like a lot of highschool kids I didn't know my path. I joined the military with hopes to learn some skills, pretty up my resume, and pay for school. [I may not have known it at the time, but I learned much more than just "some skills."] I eventually went on to get my degree, licenses, and went on to work in sports medicine. I partnered with one of my good friends and fellow Marines Dom to start a basketball training business. Although we didn't reach the heights we hoped, I grew from that experience and moved on. Here I am many years later, making a career out of basketball and being an active member in the [social media] community. I couldn't have done it without the lessons I learned in the Marine Corps. There I met many mentors I still lean on today. I am proud and thankful for what the Marines Corps has done for me. I just hope to give back the way it has given to me. Cheers to 248 years of honor and tradition. Happy Birthday Devils!!! 🍻🫡

Edit: dribble drag back door is the name of the play 🫡 Look at how the @warriors use "Empty" variations to set up their attack and add these same principles to your playbook #basketballcoach #basketballplays #basketballtraining #training #coaching #goldenstatewarriors

Run this quick action out of your horns set to open up the defense One of my favorite actions from the @cavs showcasing @spidadmitchell 's versatility #basketballplays #basketballcoach #basketballtraining #coaching #tips #jrnba Book your court/field at @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex @stouffvillesportsplex with the @catchcorner app and get some work in today

Simple and effective, get your wings used to through cutting to the corner and having that cross screen waiting for a quick 3 or dump to the low post. #basketballtraining #basketballcoach #basketballplays #training #jrnba #coaching Book your court or field today at @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex @stouffvillesportsplex with the @catchcorner app and get some work in today

Hit 100k today on IG. As much as I want to celebrate I have a lot of work ahead to keep growing the community. Thank you everyone for the support 🫡

Fun action to run when you have a pg that can make the pass off the dribble, try it out @suns Book your court today with @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex with the @catchcorner app and get some work in #ballislife #basketballtrainer #basketballcoach #basketballsets #coach #trainer

Our Wild Boy is 6?!?! 🥳🥲😭 we love you so much Ben Ben 😘

Came out to support my boys @bugattiboysbasketbal at @brl_durham . @penolabasketballtraining @mnpenola_ said it was going to be a movie and he did not disappoint. Full video link in bio

Simple but effective, the ram / ghost combo is being used more and more by teams at all levels. Use this @hornets series as an example and add it to your playbook. Book your court at @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex with the @catchcorner app and get some work in today! #ballislife #basketballtrainer #basketballcoach #basketballsets #coach #jrnba

Perfect for when you have scoring wings who can also make plays off the dribble, this is one of my favorite inbounds plays to teach at early levels for learning quick passing and positioning concepts. Book your court at @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex with the @catchcorner app today and get some work in. #ballislife #basketballtraining #basketballcoach #coaching #training #jrnba

Baby Boy is 4 🥳🥰🥹😘 we love u so so so so much Avery

What's the first thing you think about when going up against a 2-3 zone? Comment below 👇👇👇 Make sure to book your court today at @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex With the @catchcorner app and get some work in #ballislife #basketballcoach #basketballtrainer #jrnba #basketballplays #coaching

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