Jay Beco

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Husband, Dad, Gamer, Basketball Coach

Location Whitby, ON Canada
Country Canada
Member Since OCTOBER 05, 2022
Social Audience 82K
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WE'RE RUNNING IT BACK!!! We wanted to make sure everyone had a chance to come check us out at @thedurhamsportsplex . DM now to reserve your spot, LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE @penolabasketballtraining @bball.playbook

All the kids who attended today's training session received a pack of basketball cards donated by @geoffmarquee @canadacardzcollectiblez. Thank you so much. All the kids love them! This pull is from my youngest's pack @penolabasketballtraining @bball.playbook @thedurhamsportsplex

Get on the list quick before spots run out! @penolabasketballtraining @bball.playbook

Add these coach Pop end of regulation concepts to your teams playbook and set up multiple options out of the sideline out of bounds. Make sure to reserve your court today with @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex and book through @catchcorner today @spurs #jrnba #nba #basketballcoach #training #basketballtraining #ballislife

Week 9 in the books. DM to get on the waitlist for the next session at @thedurhamsportsplex Leave your @ in the comments to get tagged 🎡:@jezreels

Use this wheel action to set up attack opportunities out of your next timeout or deadball. @cavs Reserve your court today with @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex with @catchcorner to get some work in #training #basketballcoach #basketballtrainer #jrnba #jrnbaasia #ballislife

Throwback bloopers from when @muaythaichicago wanted to make training videos for YouTube and I was just there for the vibes. 8 years and a couple lbs later, things havent changed πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… #dadlife #muaythai #bloopers #YouTube #training #throwback

Add this Miami end-of-game box inbounds concept to your playbook to get multiple quick scoring options in the deep post, top of the 3, and over the top lob Book your court with @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex with the @catchcorner app and get some work in today #basketballcoach #jrnba #jrnbaasia #basketballtraining #ballislife #training

Does this solidify LBJ as The Goat? *stats as of 2/7/23 **stats not shown: Kareem made 1 three Karl Malone made 85 threes Congratulations to @kingjames for becoming the NBA ALL-TIME CAREER SCORING LEADER! #jrnba #basketallcoach #training #basketballtraining #ballislife #lebronjames

Travel or clean? This Chicago Bulls video popped up on my FB feed with the title "In the Philippines, they call this The Pinoy Step," so of course I had to comment some πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­ on it but I come to find that the comments were filled with "travel or naw" debates... I'm saying it's clean, what do you think? I added the game speed video so you can see the diff #nba #basketball #basketballtraining #coaching #ballislife #basketballcoach

Book your court with @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex using the @catchcorner app to get some work in today! Try incorporating these quick actions to your motion offense to get good looks for your bigs or kick it out to your shooters for the long ball #jrnba #ncaambb #basketballcoach #basketballtraining #training #ballislife

And I knew there wasn't a game today too, didn't even bother checking πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ #dadlife #relationshipgoals #parenting #parentinghacks #dadjokes #ighumor

In this excerpt of Earn Everything on ESPN+, Duke Blue Devils head coach Mike Krzyzewski speaks to the players. Coach K tells the team they should love the gym and β€œbe as tough” as their mothers in regards to showing up every day. #basketballtraining #basketball #basketballcoach #coaching #jrnba #inspirationalquotes

Make sure to book your court with @thedurhamsportsplex & @gtasportsplex to get some work in today! Check out the @sacramentokings variation of the flex offense and see how you can apply the same concepts to your playbook #jrnba #basketballcoach #training #jrnbaasia #basketballtraining #ballislife

Book your court now with @thedurhamsportsplex @gtasportsplex to get some work in today! This is my favorite action out of the Iverson series that catches a lot of defenses off guard. Especially when you have a big that can score quickly off the catch and a guard/wing that can make the initial post entry. The spacing will vary at different levels but this concept can be applied to many offenses. @kevinlove , @kingjames , and the @cavs feasted off this during their run utilizing several different set ups and counters #jrnba #basketballcoach #basketballtraining #training #ballislife #coach

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