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The D'Money platform helps Individuals who want to learn more about Real Estate Investing, Personal Finance, Credit, Loans, and Entrepreneurship.

The community that follows D'Money are called "C-Noters" and our audience psychographics are Innovativeness, Self Efficacy, Need for Achievement, Locus of Control, and Need for Autonomy.

Our Demographics range per platform and 62% are Male and 38% Female typically.

Our current "Opt-In" email database is over 180,000 and the D'Money brand was launched August 2nd 2022. D'Money started on TikTok and Instagram, and is about to expand our efforts on Facebook and Youtube in February 2023.

Dana (D'Money) started this Brand for our successful Real Estate Investment Company that purchase properties in all 50 states and owns rental properties in 20 states.

We believe content is King and focus on substance and not trends. We believe by continuing to bring real value and solutions to our C-Noter community we will continue to grow.

The D'Money brand will continue to grow and add additional opportunities through our Memberships, Courses, Merchandise, and Video content.

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