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📍All things travel ✈️ DJ on the go 🤩 Inspiring you with travel possibilities, underrated destinations & hidden gems ⬇️ 📧

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Day 4 | #SponsoredTrip 🐧✨Puffin Paradise: Fascinating in the Isle of Lunga! As we continued our isle adventure, we hopped back on board the boat and set sail for the enchanting Isle of Lunga. Carefully disembarking, we made our way across the tidal area and ascend the hill to the cliffside above. We were taken by the unforgettable encounter with thousands of adorable puffins! 🌊🐧 Nesting here every year, these delightful creatures were just a mere 10 feet away from us, allowing us to witness their charming antics up close. We watched in awe as these incredible birds, capable of reaching speeds of up to 55mph, dart back and forth between the water and their cozy nests. The puffins colorful plumage, playful behavior, and are sheer beauty. 📸🌿 #SponsoredTrip #PuffinParadise

Day 4 | #SponsoredTrip Isle Adventure Awaits: We Isle hopped to the captivating Isle of Mull! 🌊⛴️✨ We kicked start the day with a scenic CalMac Ferry ride from Oban, as we set our sights on the Isle of Mull. Upon arrival, Turus Mara awaits to whisk us away on an exciting island transfer. Boarding their boat, we embark on a journey to the mesmerizing Treshnish Isles! Our first stop is the enchanting Isle of Staffa, home to the legendary Fingal’s Cave. As we approach, we witnessed the cave’s awe-inspiring beauty from the water and even have the opportunity to walk right up to its magnificent mouth. Day 4 promised breathtaking sights and unforgettable adventures! 🏝️🌿 #SponsoredTrip #IsleOfMullBound

🌟 Visit the World’s Largest Equine Seulpture in Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Helix Park is the home of The Kelpies - World’s Largest Equine Sculpture! Standing at 100 feet tall, the results of the amazing engineering and art sculpture by Andy Scott. The name Kelpies means the mythological creatures, which represent lineage of the heavy horse of the Scottish industry and economy, pulling the wagons, ploughs, barges, and coal ships that shaped the geographical layout of Falkirk, where the sculpture is located. #VisitScotland #TheKelpies #ScotlandTravel

Day 3 | #SponsoredTrip From City to Small Town: Our trip in Edinburgh takes us on an unforgettable road adventure to Oban! 🚗✨ Starting the day with a majestic encounter with the iconic Kelpies 🐴 in Scotland, we felt the mystical allure of these magnificent sculptures. Next, we stepped into the enchanting world of Doune Castle, a silver-screen gem that has graced countless movies and TV shows. From Outlander to Game of Thrones, this historic castle holds tales that have captivated audiences worldwide. 🍴 A delicious lunch stop at @tillytearoom 😍 Our journey then led us to a remarkable wildlife experience at a family-owned rewilding estate. Learning about the Red Kites program, we observed these majestic birds of prey swooping for their food from a hide. It’s an environmental triumph that showcases Scotland’s dedication to conservation. Making a pit stop at @deanstonmalt Distillery, we embraced the opportunity to savor Scotland’s liquid gold. Whether you’re a whisky connoisseur or seeking a memorable souvenir, this distillery offered a tantalizing selection. As we continued our road trip towards Oban, we meandered through the breathtaking landscapes of Loch Lomond & The Trossachs National Park. Surprises and scenic detours added to the excitement of the journey. Arriving in Oban, we embraced the coastal town vibes and savored a classic flavors of fish n’ chips at Oban Fish and Chip 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🌟 #SponsoredTrip #ScotlandBound #oban

Day 2 | #SponsoredTrip Hidden Gem Unveiled: Panda & Sons Speakeasy Surprise 🐼🍹 We took an unexpected twist when our group host surprised with the secret entrance of Panda & Sons speakeasy. Behind an unassuming bookshelf lies a world of vintage charm and creative cocktails. We reveled in the speakeasy’s cozy atmosphere, sipping on expertly crafted libations that delighted our taste buds. 🥃✨ #SponsoredTrip #PandaAndSonsExperience #HiddenGems

Day 2 | #SponsoredTrip ✨Cheers to New Adventures at our Welcome Dinner! 🍽️ We reached a delightful climax as we gathered at the stylish Dome restaurant for our much-anticipated welcome dinner. Surrounded by fellow adventurers and immersed in a warm and inviting ambiance, we toasted to exciting adventures ahead. The tantalizing flavors of Scottish cuisine danced on our palates, showcasing the country’s culinary prowess. We remembered how this was just the beginning of an unforgettable journey in Scotland! 🥂✨ #SponsoredTrip with @detailedjourneys #WelcomeDinnerVibes #edinburgheats Dinner Recommendation: 🍴The Dome

Day 2 | #SponsoredTrip 🏰 Step into History at Edinburgh Castle. The iconic Edinburgh Castle is a towering fortress steeped in centuries of captivating tales. As I wandered through its ancient halls and marveled at panoramic views of the city, I couldn’t help but be in awe of the rich history that unfolded within these walls. We explored the nooks and crannies of this magnificent castle, immersing myself in the stories of kings and queens, battles fought, and legends forged. Scotland’s past comes alive in every stone of this extraordinary landmark. ✨ #SponsoredTrip #EdinburghCastleExploration 📌 Fun Fact: Scotland official animal is the unicorn 🦄

Day 2 | #SponsoredTrip Magical Moments in Edinburgh ✨ Today we took a captivating stroll through the historic streets of Edinburgh. From the majestic Edinburgh Castle to the enchanting Royal Mile, I immersed myself in the rich heritage and stunning architecture of this incredible city. The day was filled with awe-inspiring sights, delicious food, and unforgettable memories. Edinburgh, stole my heart! ❤️ #SponsoredTrip with @Detailed Journey #EdinburghExploration 🍴Food Suggestions: 🍳 Breakfast - Made In Italy 🍩 Donut - Kilted Donut 🍕 Lunch - Albanach

Day 1 | #SponsoredTrip Edinburgh Arrival Day: After a long haul to Scotland, I finally arrived in the enchanting city of Edinburgh! The excitement has built as I prepare to delve into the rich history and captivating beauty of this incredible destination. My journey begins with first-hand taste of Edinburgh (literally). 🍴To end the day on a delightful note, I indulged in a delicious dinner at @edinburgh_streetfood, savoring the culinary delights that Scotland has to offer. Walking down the historic city, I soaked in the vibrant atmosphere. #SponsoredTrip with Detailed Journey #EdinburghAdventures

First sponsored trip | #Sponsored Trip to Scotland with @DetailedJourney. 8 Days Adventure to enchanting Scotland! I was swept off my feet by breathtaking landscapes, ancient castles, and legendary tales. From the misty highlands to the bustling streets of Edinburgh, it was a journey I was so grateful to not have missed. I packed my bags, brought my sense of adventure, and discovered Scotland’s hidden treasures! #VisitScotland #DiscoverEdinburgh #NewAdventures

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