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📍All things travel ✈️ DJ on the go 🤩 Inspiring you with travel possibilities, underrated destinations & hidden gems ⬇️ 📧

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Discovering hidden gems or exposing hidden treasures? 🌟 Geotagging, a tool so integral to our digital era, sparks a profound debate. Geotagging is like putting a label on a map to show where these cool spots are. But some people worry that if too many people know about them, they might get too crowded with tourists. Does it lead us to captivating “secret” havens, igniting the thrill of exploration? Or does it inadvertently expose these sanctuaries to the dangers of over-tourism? Let’s chat about it: What’s your take on geotagging mysterious destinations? Personally, I often find myself torn, navigating between sharing and the responsibility to preserve. While I lean towards refraining from geotagging to mitigate over-tourism, I acknowledge the complexity it entails. There’s an undeniable joy in stumbling upon a hidden gem through one’s own curiosity and research. Yet, I also empathize with the eagerness to uncover these treasures. How do you strike a balance between sharing the beauty and safeguarding its essence? Let’s untangle this together. ✨ Follow for more travel content - @djutravels #AdventureAwaits, #ExploreMore, #WanderlustVibes, #TravelGoals, #DiscoverHiddenGems Travel blogger engagement, Geotagging impact on tourism, Hidden gems exploration, Overtourism discussion, Responsible travel promotion

iPhone vs. Drone view, which is better? Location: Banos, Ecuador / La Casa Del Arbol Drone : @djiglobal Mini 3 Pro #travel #travelgram #adventure #views #shotoniphone #drone #droneoftheday #droneshots #dronestagram

💫 Monday Memories: What’s your funniest memory from visiting Batu Caves? (See my memory in the comments) 📝 QUICK FACTS: Get ready for a wild ride through limestone caves and vibrant temple stairs! 🦁 Batu Caves is a ginormous 140ft golden statue of Lord Murugan and a heart-pumping climb up 272 steps! 😲 But watch out for those cheeky monkeys 🐵, they’re eyeing your stuff like little bandits! 🎒🙈 ✅ Just remember to dress respectfully and embrace the awe-inspiring religious vibes. 🙏 🚨You’re lucky if you go after this year because I heard they’re building escalators. Follow for more travel content @djutravels #BatuCavesAdventure #MalaysiaMagic ✨

And silent when I’m in the U.S. 🫣🫠

💧🌿One of Ecuador’s most mesmerizing natural treasures is waterfalls and hot springs throughout the country! Like Cascada El Pailón del Diablo (The Devil’s Cauldron Waterfall) is a breathtaking cascade nestled in lush greenery, promising an unforgettable adventure for all nature enthusiasts! 📍 Location: Located 25 mins away from Banos, Ecuador. ⏰ Duration: Allocate a morning for this adventures to this waterfall. Spend time soaking in the sights and sounds of the cascading waters, traversing the surrounding trails, and creating unforgettable memories. 🔍 Pro-Tips: 1. There are multiple entrances to Cascada El Pailón del Diablo, each offering a unique perspective of the waterfall. Consider exploring different paths to fully appreciate its beauty. 2. Don’t let a little rain dampen your spirits! Be sure to pack ponchos or waterproof jackets to stay dry and comfortable during your adventure. 3. Wear sturdy hiking shoes to navigate the trails leading to the waterfall. The terrain can be rugged and slippery, so proper footwear is essential. 🚗 Getting There: From Banos, you can reach Cascada El Pailón del Diablo by various means, including taxi, bus, or rental car, or guided tour. Opt for a scenic drive to savor the picturesque views along the way, or hop on a bus - very cheap for .50 cents for a convenient and budget-friendly travel option. 🎟️As of my last visit, the admission fee was around $2 to $3 USD per person for adults. However, it’s always a good idea to pre-check for the most up-to-date pricing information before planning your visit. ✨Follow for more of my South America content #PailonDelDiablo #EcuadorAdventures #natureloversparadise

So, the U.S. like, “Stay away!” And guess what? I flew out to Ecuador solo. 😭 Sure, I follow safety measures anyways but I haven’t felt unsafe, and the people of Ecuador have been one of the kindest I’ve met. And you know what’s even more scary than Ecuador is school shootings and gun violence, hello America. #sadtruth From exploring the lush landscapes to indulging in the rich culture, Ecuador has so much to offer! Ecuador, has impressed me! AND I’V FELT VERY SAFE ❤️🇪🇨 #SoloAdventures #EcuadorExploration #WanderlustUnleashed

Flashing back to the vibrant hues of Las Coloradas in Mexico 🩷 Memories of salty breezes and cotton candy skies. #FlashbackFriday #LasColoradasMagic 📌FUN FACT Las Coloradas, located on the Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico, gets its vibrant pink hue from the high concentration of salt in its waters, combined with the presence of algae and plankton. This unique phenomenon creates a picturesque landscape that’s a must-see for visitors! 🌸 🗺️ HOW TO GET THERE From Tulum: 1. By Car: Take the Federal Highway 307 northbound from Tulum towards Cancún. After approximately 3 hours of driving, you’ll reach the town of Las Coloradas. 2. By Tour: Many tour companies offer day trips from Tulum to Las Coloradas, providing transportation and a guided experience. Check with local tour operators or your accommodation for options. ❔FAQ ❔ Can you swim in the pink water? Swimming in the pink water is not recommended as Las Coloradas is primarily a salt production area. However, there are often nearby beaches where swimming is allowed. Follow @djutravels for more destinations with picturesque landscape! ✨ #tulummexico

Reality check: Juggling work and travel is challenging 😔 Over the past week and previously, it can be a struggle to find time to unwind while traveling and working. Despite planning my days meticulously to meet deadlines and explore new places, I often forget to schedule moments of complete relaxation. This oversight can be exhausting. The glamorous image of the travel blogger/nomad lifestyle doesn't always match reality. Sleepless nights, looming deadlines, and the constant battle to disconnect and be present take their toll. Despite my love for what I do, there are moments when I long for the slower pace of extended stays in tranquil places. So, how do I make this lifestyle work? Honestly, my calendar is packed to the minute, and meticulous organization is key to making it all happen. If you're navigating the balancing act of life, work, and travel, reach out—I'd love to hear your stories and offer any advice I can. Drop me a comment below 👇🏿 Follow @djutravels for more of this content. #travelblogger #travelwifi #worklifebalance

When your hosted group trip makes it out the group chat 🙌🏿🎉 #nola #neworleans #mardigras #mardigras2024

Another unforgettable year hosting newcomers to the magic of New Orleans and Mardi Gras 🎉 Each trip, the itinerary dives deep into the rich cultural phenomenon of the vibrant city of New Orleans, celebrating its traditions and spreading good good vibes. From parades to indulgence, we’ve crafted the perfect itinerary to immerse ourselves in the beauty of Louisiana’s heritage. Proud to keep these traditions alive and open to welcoming more adventurers next year! Who’s in for the next journey? Let me know! #NOLA #MardiGras #CulturalGems #GroupTrip

My one and only favorite cultural celebration in the US has came and gone. Everywhere else, it was a regular Tuesday 💜💛💚 #MardiGras #mardigrass2024 #fattuesday Time to pack bags and get lost in the world for 2024 ✈️ #travelblogger #neworleans #frenchquarter #losangeles #dmv

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