Evangelia Tsablakos

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I’m Evangelia, creator of healthylivinghippie.com. I am a fitness and healthy lifestyle enthusiast and I am here to motivate and inspire you to push past your own limits and be your best version! Think of me as that optimistic health nut friend that sees the strength and beauty in everyone.

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  • Healthy Living
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When you start acting like your future self, you become your future self and therefore you are manifesting that reality now, not just the conditions of that reality but the person you are in that reality ❤️ [motivational, mindset shift, mindset change, inspirational quotes, inspirational video, self-growth, future self, manifest, create your life, manifesting tips, wellness, healthy lifestyle tips]

“What if it turns out better than you think?” [inspirational, inspirational quotes, self-growth, self-discovery, motivation, motivational videos, inspired, become her, that girl, that girl aesthetic, healthy lifestyle, wellness tips, wellness motivation]

This is how I recharge my soul 👇 1. taking time for self-care 2. journaling 3. reading 4. aromatherapy 5. meditation 6. light exercise/stretch 7. walks in nature How do you recharge your soul?✨ [self care, self love, wellness, healthy lifestyle, healthy living, healthy habits, meditation, mindfulness, exercise, that girl, that girl aesthetic]

Intentionally act as the person you want to become, and you will inevitably become that person ✨ [self-growth, self-discovery, self-growth tips, inspiration, motivation, create your life, manifesting, that girl, that girl aesthetic, self-love, self-development, wellness, healthy lifestyle]

To find true happiness within, you have to get to know and make friends with every part of yourself ❤️ It’s a long journey but it’s one definitely worth taking🙌 👉Follow for more wellness motivation ✨

Start building her ✨ #selfcareday #selfcarepage #selfcaretip #selfcareaccount #selfcareisnotselfish #selflovetips #selflovefirst #healthylivingtips #healthylivingjourney #selfimprovementdaily #thatgirlaesthetic #manifestyourlife

Here are some lucky girl affirmations to start your day with ❤️ #luckygirlaffirmations #luckygirlsyndrome #affirmationsoftheday #affirmationsdaily #affirmationspositives #selfconfidence #selfgrowthjourney #becomingher #selfdevelopmenttools #manifestingmagic #manifestingdreams #trendingreels #discoverunder1k #reelsexplore #thatgirlaesthetic #createyourreality #changeyourstory

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