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Work Comp-focused managed care veteran, Unabashed&opinionated Dem, Syracuse alum Bleeds Orange, sculler

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user disconnect, aka the Shiny Object problem

The exec’s point was a lot of resources are devoted to developing, implementing, upgrading and maintaining these portals – which aren’t used by the very folks they are built for. There’s a critical point to be made here – the people who make buying decisions want/demand that potential vendors invest a ton of brain power and dollars into a thing that doesn’t add any value. What does this say about payers; I’d suggest it shows a disconnect between the buyers of services and the users of those services that is rather striking – and all too common. Anything and everything the buyers – who are almost always higher-paid and have nicer offices than the people who actually do the work – do should be grounded in and specific to how the users actually do their jobs.

Where single payer works

Reinhardt was instrumental in convincing the government of Taiwan to implement a simple and very effective single payer healthcare system. * allows people to see any provider they wish * is funded by a payroll tax, with some contributions from other government funds as well as patient copays (which are quite inexpensive) * has the lowest administrative expense in the world – 2% of total cost * every member has a smart card with their medical records and other key data encrypted. It is by no means perfect; global budgets and a perceived lack of doctors and nurses are frequently noted as problems. Yet it has addressed many of the problems we have with our system – medical record transferability, patient costs, paperwork, overall expense, and administrative expense.

Managed Care Matters

Thanks to Elaine Goodman of WorkCompCentral, we learned this morning that folks who consumed marijuana during recovery from an injury were likely to use more opioids  – for much longer – than individuals who did not use marijuana. * California reforms continue to reduce costs, but the it’s getting late at the party… Predictions are the number of retail stores, and the jobs in those stores – are continuing to drop. Healthcare costs for working families  “rose 27.7 percent from 2010 to 2016…while median household income rose 19.8 percent… If I missed something – and I’m sure I did – please provide a BRIEF summary and a link in the comments section.

Managed Care Matters

We have a healthplan you’ll absolutely love. Covers EVERYTHING – glasses, hearing aids, nursing home care, doctor visits, hospital care, surgery, drugs – all FREE! It’s the about-to-be-announced BernieCare 2

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