Stephon Henderson

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NéVetica’s goal is to provide everything a pet parent would ever want or need for their pet using technology, education & various innovative products. Are you a pet parent who wants to help your pet feel, look good and lead a healthy life? Pets & humans suffer from some of the same serious health issues (cancer, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, allergies, joint pain and obesity). Our company educates pet parents on how to take better care of their furry loved ones through proper diet, nutrition, supplementation and physical activity, while offering our pets everything under the pet sun through our revolutionary mobile app. One of our products, NéVetica’s Multivitamin is filled with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients to support the overall well-being of your pet. Our nutraceutical is fortified with calcium and potassium to promote a healthier lifestyle for your pet. Product Benefits include Brain, heart, kidney, eye, and liver function support. Works to maintain your pet’s skin, coat and overall health and provides minerals and antioxidants missing from your pet’s diet.

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We have so many people excited about our amazing Wet-A-Way product. Many have asked will it also work on blood? (No judgment) Well my business partner Yani Davis put it to the test! Well, look for yourself....blood 🩸🩸🩸 is no match!! 💯💯 Wet-A-Way will turn any water-based 💧spill into a solid, for a more efficient and hygienic clean up! Get your hands on some Wet-A-Way today! $24.99 for 16oz and $29.99 for 24oz to purchase contact @pet_nutrition_coach Save your carpets and hard floors. Wet-A-Way works on spills and oops like: ✅ Pet urine ✅Vomit ✅Blood ✅Wine ✅Juice ✅water For old stains just re-soak it with water then sprinkle on Wet-A-Way "There's a better way with Wet-A-Way!" @pet_nutrition_coach #Nevetica #WetAWay #petbusiness #dog #pet #enterpreneur #householdproducts

NéVetica has done it again!!! We have always provided top of the line products to help pets live happier and healthier lives. And our new CBD product will be the first of our "specialty" line of products formulated especially to support optimal health of dogs and cats nationwide! Doesn't your pet deserve to thrive and not just survive? Schedule your free pet assessment today!!!!! . #Improving1LifeAtATime #ParadigmShift #SuccessCircle #Entrepenuer #AskMeHow #Testimony #Groomers #DogTrainers #Veterinarian #VetTech #DogWalkers #Dogs #DogLovers #PetHealth #DontPanic #FurBaby #cats #catsofinstagram

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