Amy Askin

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Amy Askin (McClain) M.A.Ed. is a Travel+Food Consultant, Content Creator, Photographer, Digital Strategist, Public Speaker and Podcaster at Amy Guides™, Amyful™ and Beloved Atmosphere.

Location Amsterdam | Cleveland, Ohio Western Europe and U.S.A.
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Acquapietra Guesthouse in Tuscany, Italy

As you enter the reception area to check in, Alice offers a warm drink as she shares information you’ll want during your stay. Nestled in the bosom of the sumptuous Tuscan countryside, Acquapietra is an artistic boutique Bed & Breakfast-style Guesthouse located just outside Florence, Italy. You find a full kitchen, a dining area, a living room, a guest reception area, and an outdoor veranda/sitting area. You’ll find lounging spaces, easy chairs, dining tables and stoops perfect for sitting and soaking up the Tuscan sun.

Metz, France Christmas Market

It’s the unique Christmas Market concoction most folks crave at Christmas Markets. The Christmas Markets in Austria focus on handcrafts and artisanal items and sharing traditional holiday music than on foodstuffs. Depending on the city’s proximity to either Germany or France, the Market will lean more toward a German Market or a French one. Switzerland — Similar to the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria, Swiss Christmas Markets tend to focus more on the handicrafts, decorations and holiday music rather than unique food offerings.

8 Things to Know Before You Visit Karnak Temple in Luxor, Egypt

I am privileged to have the opportunity to spend two days with a top-notch private guide whose vast knowledge of the culture and deep history of Karnak Temple Luxor and the region enriched my days of touring the temples, tombs and sights in Luxor. However, if you are serious about seeing and experiencing  as much as possible in the short time you have, hire a private guide to lead you through the sites and answer your myriad of questions. And yes, most sites have local Egyptians walking around, offering to take pictures, telling you the best photo opps, or offering snippets of advice. You’ll notice in the statue above, the Egyptian King stands between the front paws of the ram-headed sphinx.

7 Tips for Your Visit to Keukenhof Garden in Holland

Although I recommend heading left upon entry, I’m quick to admit my favorite place to pass time in the park is the Beatrix Pavillion, home to my beloved orchids. While the garden staff at Keukenhof plan meticulously for ever-present blooms for 8 solid weeks, I highly recommend planning your visit during the 2nd or 3rd week of April, typically between April 7-25. I arrived at 7:50 AM, I parked my car, stowed my gear in a locker near the entrance, and was at the far end of the park by 8:10 AM. My foreplanning was rewarded since I was able to avoid a “bottleneck” of visitors at the entrance gates, as well as larger crowds near the popular gardens and exhibition halls.

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