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Launch Studio is your trusted hand for teaming with influencers in countless ways for:

  • Developing and testing campaigns
  • Expanding reach by the millions
  • Driving sales and conversions
  • Deploying programs in record time (just hours!)
  • Validating new markets
  • And more…

Strategic & Creative Solutions For Groundbreaking Impact

For Brands

Whether you’re new to influencer marketing, or a seasoned expert, Launch Studio is here to maximize ROI on your next campaign.

We have worked in nearly every category, from startups and VC-backed ventures to category leaders and Fortune-1000 companies.

From amplifying your brand, generating some gorgeous content or driving more sales with influencers, we’re here to help.

For Agencies

We can match your pace and provide as little or as much support as necessary to make you look like superheroes.

A few ways we help you get amazing results for your clients…

  • Scalable management capabilities (multiple influencers x multiple collabs x multiple clients = chaos)
  • Focus groups, interviews and quick insights from influencers made SIMPLE
  • Test creative with niche influencers before you present to the client

Accelerate Growth

Perlu-Powered Influencer Marketing

When BMW needed the nichiest of the niche influencers to participate in the M Series Immersion Experience at CES - the Launch Studio team found the perfect YouTube gamer and car enthusiast to document the experience. Result: 3MM total reach, 121k YouTube views.

To boost attention for product introduction events at Provincetown’s world famous Carnival, Launch Studio built a network of 53 LGBTQ influencers to attend events and introduce the product to 500k consumers, earning a 3.5% engagement rate.

Launch Studio built a network of more than 1000 foodies, moms, and lifestyle influencers to publish original recipes using Chobani ingredients. More 1,400 unique recipes were published under #madewithChobani, reaching more than 29MM consumers, and helping Chobani secure the #1 position on Google for “greek yogurt recipes”.

For this NYSE-listed provider of cloud based collaboration solutions, Launch Studio was challenged with building an influencer strategy for introducing a new consumer-friendly video conferencing product. 72 hours later, 4 influencers provided validation for 5 new audiences and specific messaging approaches for each. A subsequent campaign produced 14 unique product testimonials and 100+ social posts, reaching 1.5MM consumers.

Launch Studio helped the Stoli brand planning team build a network of more than 30 qualified influencers in key demographics, and engage 6 of them in a focus group. Result: fresh consumer insights revealing issues, emotions, and daily realities to help tune a major campaign. All within 48 hours.

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