How To Make Perlu Work For You

If You’re An Influencer...

  • Set up a lovely profile for yourself
  • Find and join some Packs — Packs are like FB groups, groups of influencers with common interests
  • Packs are how brands will find you for collabs — no Packs, no collabs!
  • Publish your own collabs to work with other influencers to grow your audiences, team up on content, and more... The more you work with others, the more your reputation as a great partner will grow, making you more attractive to brands for collabs.

If You’re A Commercial Brand...

  • Set up a lovely profile for your brand or company
  • Find Packs with influencers that match your customers’ interests, or build your own Packs with influencers you like
  • Publish your collab needs to your favorite Packs; specify the type of project and $$ offered
  • Review applications from influencers and pick your favorites
Join Perlu And Let the Influencers Come to You!